Railroad spike: I can has plz? Or No railroads are that small, please.

Fancy a pretty cool skinny railroad spike cuff? But are railroad spikes actually small enough to be bracelets? Does technical correctness matter?

Regardless, I admired one of these on the arm of my neighbor. They’re made by Giles and Brother and sell for just $55. Good deal for a little unique piece. I like that you can order something special imprinted on the bracelet. It’d be a great gift from your honey to you, amirite? Send him or her this link stat.

9.9.14 Poils!

Poils is my best Pop-eye imitation of pearls. Today I went all over pearls. Bracelets, necklaces, okay that’s it. But still! Quand même! I got pearls galore. On my wrist is an heirloom goldfish (apparently my autocorrect does not approve of goldish) bracelet, my 30th bday pearls from my honey, and my Cartier tank française from my mom. On my neck I have my pink pearls, more gold heirlooms, and another from the family blue lapis bead and pearl piece.

In 2007 I was wearing this blue and pearl necklace when I was run over by a truck, they cut it off me along with my clothes and scarf, and I figured it was gone. But the paramedics gave it and my other belongings to my dad who took it to a jeweler in his neighborhood, Hutten Jewelers, and Isabelle restrung it better than new. It’s a survivor necklace. Oh and? I really made an effort to not grimace in today’s selfie. How’d I do? Eh is what I thought as well.