9.10.14 New York State of mind

Ready for some crossed musical references and sorrow? Who isn’t, right?!


Today’s bangles: baby blue carriage silhouette, Clic Cla à Pois, skinny Calèche rouge, and a silver New York charm bracelet.

Now, I’m not much of a fan of either NY or charm bracelets, but seeing as how my dad was born there and gave me this charm bracelet, I find it’s a nice remembrance of him. Today I paired it with a reminder of things I regret. The thing with his passing is the volume of regret I carry with me. This Clic Clac à Pois bracelet is a small example. Last Christmas he gave me some other pattern, and wretched thing that I am I swapped it for the one I preferred. This action was nothing then and stabs me in the gut now. I feel like I betrayed him. He selected something for me, specially for me, and I traded it in. I don’t think he would ever hold this against me, but my heart aches for doing it.

Please play me a song, Lou Reed, to ease me through this.
“Charley’s Girl”

Bangle Display

Let’s talk turkey! Er…ahem, bangle display! I’ll admit it was tricky coming up with a solution for my collection. Initially I used a charming little jewelry stand by Roost

The problem with this one is the single removable bar, the center one, and it’s not nearly long enough to hold any quantity of bangles. The top and bottom bars are fixed and so, for bracelets without clasps or openings, utterly unusable. It’s great for earrings, however.

Next stop, antique ribbon spindles.

IMG_2468.JPG My mom bought a couple of these at a local shop The Ribbonerie. They’re very darling, hypothetically perfect but I found the diameter of some of my bracelets were too narrow to fit over the end of the spindle. My mom and I attempted to Macgyver one, but to no avail.

Finally, my clever husband and Home Depot. I can’t remember what brought us there initially but he noticed the towel racks and suggested using one as a bangle display.

IMG_2466-0.JPG It works like a charm, right? The bar lifts out of the two support arms so I can easily access my bangles. (Like my presentation :D?)

Since then, however, I’ve researched the manner that Indian women display their bangles because that is a culture that loves their bracelets. My brother in law informed me that the daughter’s bracelet display is a point of pride in many households. The best I’ve found so far are these by the Bangle Emporium on Etsy

IMG_2490.PNG How can you resist any place with an Emporium in the name? I haven’t ordered from them yet, so I can’t attest to their customer service or the quality of the displays. But if you do, let me know?

How do you display your collection? I’m always curious.