9.17.14 it’s so hard

IMG_2561.JPG Somedays, okay most days, I get so worked up about my dad. It’s a mile walk to my shop, and it’s just too much time in my head. It’s hard to write after that, because I’m dizzy. I hurt so much from missing him. He used to be my ride home every night. I was that strange adult child who spent way to much time with her father. I was so proud of it. Now I keep having these dreams where he’s alive, and I realize that I was wrong, mistaken about his death. I tell him he needs to see a doctor, he must take better care of himself or I’ll lose him. But then I wake up, and everything is still the same. Doing this blog of my collection, most all of which were gifts from him, it’s like a superstition almost. Maybe some day, after combining the right pairs, I’ll wake up wrong?

Today’s bracelets are the pair of resin Sobral bangles including the one I repaired on Sunday, my fake Cartier Clou (shhh don’t tell anybody that I gave you the website. I strongly frown upon knockoffs, always, at all times, especially after giving up my secret source), silver and Malachite bracelet from Mexico, and my pink Hermès Calèche.

4 thoughts on “9.17.14 it’s so hard

  1. I’m sorry to hear about it, Margaret. I lost mine with 15 and still think about him pretty much every day. It gets easier, but never easy. Pink Hermès is pretty indeed.

    1. Thank you. One thing I’ve come to appreciate from this ordeal is the amount of sorrow that other people carry with them, especially friends who’ve gone through this at younger ages. My heart goes out to you and your loss too.

      1. Thank you, Margaret. Life is so precious. A lot of people live without the realization of how fragile life really is and how fast things can change. Sometimes I find it amusing how people take minor things so seriously and there are so many tragedies and far more important things around us all.

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