9.18.14 Bartholdism

IMG_2566.JPG Ten years ago, (or longer even? Oh man, much longer ago) I worked as a waitress at Chesterfield Café, a restaurant/bar in Paris, off the Champs Élysées. It was so much fun, and I was terrible at it. To quote one of the yelp reviews: that “service qui laisse à désirer”- that was me! I left something to be desired!


My point is, my hard on for France is totally merited. My little innocent Long Island Iced Tea drinking 19 year old self earned it. (Who drinks Long Island Iced Teas in Paris? And at work? I mean really. That should say everything there.)

So today’s Francophile bangles are both skinny and medium sized La Fontaine Bartholdi (it’s the chariots in the dreamy sky but actually based on a fontain in Lyon that represents France and her four rivers), cream Clous, and the Paris fleur de Lis by Maximal Art from my dad.

Bandit in the background says hi.

Madly filed and tied: Part II

The Family Ties theme (fav TV show provided by At the Library) has provided me with an excuse to showcase one of my favorite favorite bracelets ever, that slipped through my fingers. Actually, it was something I hinted at to my honey but sometimes you’ve got to spell desires outright. That’s what I have learned from marriage.

If only I could go back in time and buy the Red Valentino bow bracelet from Luis Via Roma

But it is gone, not even to be found on eBay. Bummer, man.

Today I hunted down some similar options, none of which either Mallory or Alex P. Keaton would wear but it’s a tie theme! Get it? Family Ties, bow tie bracelet? So subtle am I. As subtle as all these leather bracelets. Or supple? Subtly supple.

IMG_2563.PNG Ferragamo leather bow in either pink or violet for $158 on Luis Via Roma It’s pretty cute, but… Once you’ve tasted Valentino butter there’s no going back to Pan Cooking Spray. If that’s not already a saying I call dibs.

Shoot, if this $10 eBay leather bracelet were red I would pick it up before the Ferragamo


What do you guys think of buying imitation pieces? I’m kind of up in the air. I would never purchase the J. Crew enamel bangles because my heart belongs to Hermès, but when it comes to hand made items I definitely support it.

Now stay tuned for tomorrow for the final favorite TV show theme provided by At the Library… X- Files. I want to believe! Do you? If yes, tell me your fav TV show in the comments to get the Very Bangled treatment where fan art meets jewelry. (How do you do? Very well sir, and you?)