9.19.14 enamelada

Today’s solitary lonesome bangle: Japanese black lacquer by Elsa Peretti from my mom that is so large, I can almost never wear it because no jacket sleeve fits over the darn thing. But it’s muggy today and no jacket is necessary. Online they call it a doughnut. Ha!

Below are the matching Japanese lacquer earrings and my so tired face and Bevel glasses. My favorite optometrist Lyndi at Acuity Vision sometimes hosts eyewear trunk shows that offer great discounts. P.S. This weather is doing my hair no favors.

X-Files, Part III of madly tied and filed

Last night was sweltering hot in San Francheesie. I couldn’t sleep at all. Now my one poor eye is all poofed up. My dogs and I skipped our run, and I’m drinking enough coffee to fuel a locomotive. I should probably add that SF standard of “sweltering hot” is about 70 degrees. Maybe 65. You get to 55 and I’d be complaining of the cold.

On a morning like this, I really want to believe… Do do dooo doo (that’s some spooky UFO music in written form.) Thanks to At the Library for the theme X-Files. I remember babysitting some kids and rushing them off to bed because the Smoking Man was appearing on that evening’s episode of the X-Files. Remember smoking, you guys? What an awful thing to be nostalgic for, right?

Check this cool bangle out, tho. Made in Tel Aviv from sterling silver, resin and computer printouts for a paltry sum of $400 by Moshikoart

IMG_2569.PNG It’s a pentagram! Oh snake, I am wary but it is super lovely. I like the decorative interior, that is some serious attention to detail.

Scully’s signature piece of jewelry is a gold cross necklace, but what am I? A bracelet blog. So I give you a Scullyesque gold plate cross bracelet by Moon and Lola

It’s $160, which seems kind of steep for gold plate, put the real gold options were obscenely expensive. Do you think Scully would wear this?

I saved the classiest, most tasteful and finely crafted for last.

IMG_2571.PNG For $16.99 this aluminium cuff is clearly the center piece of any X-File themed bracelet collection. It’s something I can imagine Audrey Hepburn or Princess Grace Kelly would wear while traveling through Corsica. As my dad liked to quote from the Big Breakfast “Am I right?” “You’re not wrong!”

Now what’s your fav TV show? Inspire me! And how’s the weather where you’re at? I hope you are sleeping better then I, though if that last bracelet is true, maybe it’s for the best that we all sleep on high alert.