9.22.14 running around like a swan with it’s head cut off

IMG_2595.JPG Today’s bangles: the 3 OG bangles that started it all and the silver shell charm bracelet. The trio remains unknown in name despite the research excursion my mom and I took today to Hermès. This was after the dermatologist visit where the doctor removed my black swan. No fear! It’s not a swan, or any bad thing, but a skin bump that reminds me of that scene in Black Swan where she picks and picks at herself until she plucks the black swan feathers from beneath her skin. Too gross? I apologize. There weren’t even any feathers involved. Just a little bump that was cauterized and now I’m as good as new.

5 thoughts on “9.22.14 running around like a swan with it’s head cut off

    1. I’m just so glad it’s gone! It was sooo gross, and kept bleeding the last couple of days. I woke up worse then a murder victim, my chest covered in blood the other night. Sorry TMI probably. In the end it was benign just a collection of capillaries in a bump. So I considered putting a pic from that scene in Black Swan on here, but I figured it all was so gross already :/ people might be reading blogs on lunch break.

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