San Francisco, I love you

24 Hour Party People
The best line from 24 Hour Party People (an entertaining movie starring Steve Coogan about Joy Division, dreary weather, ecstasy and Manchester) is from the moment when the star boils down the why of himself. That person being Tony Wilson, the real life founder of a record company that put out so much great music from the UK. So the best line of the film is when Tony Wilson explains the “why” of his career and of himself and says “That is my heroic flaw: my excess of civic pride.”

How many people feel that way about their home town? I do, I definitely suffer from an excess of civic pride. I love my city, I feel so proud to be from here. The Golden Gate Bridge never grows old. International Orange is probably the color of my blood, and my Giants baseball? Humm baby; nothing is better.

It was while reading the Bold Italic today I noticed the special SF jewelry section. Jewelry + SF = serious click bait for me. Turns out the Bold Italic sells some super cute items! But just the one bracelet. Boohoo. Don’t they know their consumer?? Me! I’m their consumer! Or I could be…Golden Gate Bridge cuff $74 for this puppy. I like it! Get more plz, Bold Italic. Let me be your consumer so I can announce my civic pride from the corner of my wrist.

Joy Division and bridges pair nicely together, don’t they?

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