9.23.14 blogspiration


It’s fall now, right?! I just read such a good mood setting Apple Cider recipe on Heather Bergdahl’s Blog that gave me license to wear my favorite dress. It’s a jack o lantern by I’m Your Present on Etsy. To tell the truth, I wear this even without fall license. For example, on my birthday this year. Which is in April. And I’m probably too old for this but I don’t care!

For my bracelets I have on my two orange Clic Clacs and a wide orange Calèche.

9.22.14 running around like a swan with it’s head cut off

IMG_2595.JPG Today’s bangles: the 3 OG bangles that started it all and the silver shell charm bracelet. The trio remains unknown in name despite the research excursion my mom and I took today to Hermès. This was after the dermatologist visit where the doctor removed my black swan. No fear! It’s not a swan, or any bad thing, but a skin bump that reminds me of that scene in Black Swan where she picks and picks at herself until she plucks the black swan feathers from beneath her skin. Too gross? I apologize. There weren’t even any feathers involved. Just a little bump that was cauterized and now I’m as good as new.

9.19.14 enamelada

Today’s solitary lonesome bangle: Japanese black lacquer by Elsa Peretti from my mom that is so large, I can almost never wear it because no jacket sleeve fits over the darn thing. But it’s muggy today and no jacket is necessary. Online they call it a doughnut. Ha!

Below are the matching Japanese lacquer earrings and my so tired face and Bevel glasses. My favorite optometrist Lyndi at Acuity Vision sometimes hosts eyewear trunk shows that offer great discounts. P.S. This weather is doing my hair no favors.

X-Files, Part III of madly tied and filed

Last night was sweltering hot in San Francheesie. I couldn’t sleep at all. Now my one poor eye is all poofed up. My dogs and I skipped our run, and I’m drinking enough coffee to fuel a locomotive. I should probably add that SF standard of “sweltering hot” is about 70 degrees. Maybe 65. You get to 55 and I’d be complaining of the cold.

On a morning like this, I really want to believe… Do do dooo doo (that’s some spooky UFO music in written form.) Thanks to At the Library for the theme X-Files. I remember babysitting some kids and rushing them off to bed because the Smoking Man was appearing on that evening’s episode of the X-Files. Remember smoking, you guys? What an awful thing to be nostalgic for, right?

Check this cool bangle out, tho. Made in Tel Aviv from sterling silver, resin and computer printouts for a paltry sum of $400 by Moshikoart

IMG_2569.PNG It’s a pentagram! Oh snake, I am wary but it is super lovely. I like the decorative interior, that is some serious attention to detail.

Scully’s signature piece of jewelry is a gold cross necklace, but what am I? A bracelet blog. So I give you a Scullyesque gold plate cross bracelet by Moon and Lola

It’s $160, which seems kind of steep for gold plate, put the real gold options were obscenely expensive. Do you think Scully would wear this?

I saved the classiest, most tasteful and finely crafted for last.

IMG_2571.PNG For $16.99 this aluminium cuff is clearly the center piece of any X-File themed bracelet collection. It’s something I can imagine Audrey Hepburn or Princess Grace Kelly would wear while traveling through Corsica. As my dad liked to quote from the Big Breakfast “Am I right?” “You’re not wrong!”

Now what’s your fav TV show? Inspire me! And how’s the weather where you’re at? I hope you are sleeping better then I, though if that last bracelet is true, maybe it’s for the best that we all sleep on high alert.

9.18.14 Bartholdism

IMG_2566.JPG Ten years ago, (or longer even? Oh man, much longer ago) I worked as a waitress at Chesterfield Café, a restaurant/bar in Paris, off the Champs Élysées. It was so much fun, and I was terrible at it. To quote one of the yelp reviews: that “service qui laisse à désirer”- that was me! I left something to be desired!


My point is, my hard on for France is totally merited. My little innocent Long Island Iced Tea drinking 19 year old self earned it. (Who drinks Long Island Iced Teas in Paris? And at work? I mean really. That should say everything there.)

So today’s Francophile bangles are both skinny and medium sized La Fontaine Bartholdi (it’s the chariots in the dreamy sky but actually based on a fontain in Lyon that represents France and her four rivers), cream Clous, and the Paris fleur de Lis by Maximal Art from my dad.

Bandit in the background says hi.

Madly filed and tied: Part II

The Family Ties theme (fav TV show provided by At the Library) has provided me with an excuse to showcase one of my favorite favorite bracelets ever, that slipped through my fingers. Actually, it was something I hinted at to my honey but sometimes you’ve got to spell desires outright. That’s what I have learned from marriage.

If only I could go back in time and buy the Red Valentino bow bracelet from Luis Via Roma

But it is gone, not even to be found on eBay. Bummer, man.

Today I hunted down some similar options, none of which either Mallory or Alex P. Keaton would wear but it’s a tie theme! Get it? Family Ties, bow tie bracelet? So subtle am I. As subtle as all these leather bracelets. Or supple? Subtly supple.

IMG_2563.PNG Ferragamo leather bow in either pink or violet for $158 on Luis Via Roma It’s pretty cute, but… Once you’ve tasted Valentino butter there’s no going back to Pan Cooking Spray. If that’s not already a saying I call dibs.

Shoot, if this $10 eBay leather bracelet were red I would pick it up before the Ferragamo


What do you guys think of buying imitation pieces? I’m kind of up in the air. I would never purchase the J. Crew enamel bangles because my heart belongs to Hermès, but when it comes to hand made items I definitely support it.

Now stay tuned for tomorrow for the final favorite TV show theme provided by At the Library… X- Files. I want to believe! Do you? If yes, tell me your fav TV show in the comments to get the Very Bangled treatment where fan art meets jewelry. (How do you do? Very well sir, and you?)

9.17.14 it’s so hard

IMG_2561.JPG Somedays, okay most days, I get so worked up about my dad. It’s a mile walk to my shop, and it’s just too much time in my head. It’s hard to write after that, because I’m dizzy. I hurt so much from missing him. He used to be my ride home every night. I was that strange adult child who spent way to much time with her father. I was so proud of it. Now I keep having these dreams where he’s alive, and I realize that I was wrong, mistaken about his death. I tell him he needs to see a doctor, he must take better care of himself or I’ll lose him. But then I wake up, and everything is still the same. Doing this blog of my collection, most all of which were gifts from him, it’s like a superstition almost. Maybe some day, after combining the right pairs, I’ll wake up wrong?

Today’s bracelets are the pair of resin Sobral bangles including the one I repaired on Sunday, my fake Cartier Clou (shhh don’t tell anybody that I gave you the website. I strongly frown upon knockoffs, always, at all times, especially after giving up my secret source), silver and Malachite bracelet from Mexico, and my pink Hermès Calèche.

Madly filed and tied: Part I

Thanks to At the Library for suggesting today’s fan-tastic jewelry. Her favorite shows are Mad Men, X-Files, and Family Ties.

Am I the only person who hasn’t watched Mad Men? The Sesame Street spoof, sure, but never the show.

I know I should, but… bring me more episodes of Arrow! (Speaking of Arrow, isn’t it funny how he has just the worst kept secret identity of all time? Everyone’s like “In this daunting criminal scenario we need our superhero, the Arrow!” And then guy filing in the background says “Oh, you mean Oliver Queen?” Literally everybody knows he’s the Arrow.)

For today’s TV themed bracelets I went with “inspired by” rather than “direct homage” because you all have suffered through enough crafty Etsy listings (ugh, this link? I can’t even. “Pop a squat” is a phrase that just continually grosses me out.)

First up: MAD MEN this is a theme that deserves an entire blog unto itself. The 60’s style vintage jewelry is across the board stunning. I started down the rabbit hole, and lusted after every piece I came across. To narrow down I searched out Bakelite bangles and discovered this darling on line site Vintage Lane Jewelry. They ship internationally from Anaheim, though (disclaimer) I’ve never shopped their site.



IMG_2556.PNG *sigh* Seriously? Be still my heart.

They seem pretty reasonably priced, too. $28.50 for the cream bangle, $54 for the carved roses, and $105 for the Cherry colored trio. That last one is what I covet, though unfortunately sold out. Bummer, why tease me, Vintage Lane Jewelry? Mama wants to shop!

Stay tuned for X-files and Family Ties. I think I have my work cut out for me, but do share your favorite shows and I’ll give them the Very Bangled treatment next.