My friend Ross and I were driving around aimlessly, you know, probably stuck in second gear after stopping at our local coffee shop when we came across a garage sale. I insisted we pullover so I could root thru all the junk. What I purchased was a a charm bracelet that was supposed to spell out FRIENDS but instead spelled out FRIED. That’s what you get when your life is not a sitcom. And when you spend fifty cents on jewelry. Man, I wish I could find that bracelet.

Instead let’s talk friendship bracelets. If you are a girl and/or were ever 11 years old and/or ever boarded at summer camp, then you know about friendship bracelets. You know you are supposed make them for your friends, give them out, tie them on and wear them until they rot off your wrist. So it very much feels like cheating to even consider purchasing one but… This girl on Etsy makes the CUTEST friendship bracelets.

FRUITS!! by Knotty As Can Be for $12.50.


COLORS!! For $12.90!


FAIR ISLE!! $9.95!!!


Wow, I am so impressed by the friendship bracelet making skillzzz of Knotty As Can Be. These bracelets will be there for you, when the rain starts to pour. Thanks to Cassandra’s Corner for reminding me what a great show Friends is, yet how unlike the show my life is.


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