10.4.14 crash test dummy

IMG_2716.JPG It was exactly seven days after I first met my honey that I was run over by a truck.

I used to bike commute to work. I always wore my helmet, never crossed against red, and still doing everything correctly, a pickup truck hauling concrete executed an illegal right hand turn and ran me over. The hauling concrete is the punchline of my story. This was almost 8 years ago.

I remember brief details from the moment, which I don’t feel like sharing at this time. The truck crossed my chest. My parents arrived at the hospital when it was still unclear if I would survive. I sometimes find myself thinking I shouldn’t be alive. I have the kind of luck for things so unlikely, that if only the luck were angled at the lottery, I’d be a mega millions winner. But no, it’s the wrong kind of luck.

Anyway, these stupid bangles are survivors of the accident. They show a tiny bit of roadrash.

IMG_2717.JPG I purchased them at a boutique on Chestnut Street with a gift certificate just that weekend before. I think they cost me $15 maybe. Little nothing bangles with little nothing scars. I don’t wear them ever, and I can’t explain why I wore them today. But my other bangles are a North African bangle from the streets of NY, my dad’s Rolex, and the Hermès Astrologie from my honey.

7 thoughts on “10.4.14 crash test dummy

  1. i’m glad you were lucky and survived!!!! what a terrible memory, but happy you came out of it!! It’s never too late to be a mega millions winner – you never know 😉

  2. Whoa. I can’t believe you went through that, survived and were willing to share it and put the bangles back on. What an incredible story & I’m sorry it happened to you at all.

  3. I love the watch and how you paired the bangles with it.
    Wow, such a crazy story. I am sorry that happened, but I am glad that you now look at it as if it was in the past, far far away!!

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