10.12.14 it’s gonna take time

IMG_2784.JPG This is what’s happening. Tons of time. I carry it all on my wrist. My dad’s Rolex, my Cape Cod watch (if you only knew my complicated hateful feelings towards Cape Cod the place, you would understand why the name of this watch bothers me so much), and an upside down Tank Française.

When one is this rich in time, what’s it matter to wear a watch upside down?

3 thoughts on “10.12.14 it’s gonna take time

    1. Do you remember there were two different but similar videos for it on MTV? I loved it. I think Don’t worry, Be Happy came out at the same time. I had to sneak MTV at my friend’s house 🙂

      1. My brothers are I loved this song so much! Two versions of it, what! I didn’t know I only remember this one with the happy taxidermy animals. I need to see it.

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