Make like a tree…

…and get the fudge outta here!

Let’s play a fun game. It’s called guess which of these leaf themed bracelets costs $33,000. Then break out that black Amex and TREAT YO SELF. Just kidding, please be fiscally responsible.

Soooo!! Which one, which one! Which bracelet is 33k?!? Which one is the down payment on a house, or maybe even an entire house payment somewhere like Kansas? I should mention the other three each cost less then $38.

This one? With the spiky edges and the sparkly diamondy center?


Or this one? Simple, understated, but possibly heavier and more solid then it appears?


How about this one? It’s rather wide and detailed.


Final option. Diamondy and hammered and maybe artisanal?


Did you guess correctly? How many tries did it take? Could you tell my original post topic was “autumn” but that ginormous price tag completely derailed me from my purpose?

4 thoughts on “Make like a tree…

    1. Haha! Even though the diamonds are real, they look pretty small… I still can’t figure out where the price tag comes from. Also, can you imagine internet shopping for a $33,000 bracelet? That was the other thing that boggled my mind.

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