10.17.14 world series ready

IMG_2831.JPG Today is a subtle day. Orange and black, because the Giants are going to the World Series. Which is bittersweet because baseball was one of those me and my dad things.

Today’s bangles: the newest Goodwill find, both the seaside charm bracelet and the NYC charm bracelet and my Orange October Hermès Calèche. Oh and what’s this? My awesome Giants necklace made by I’m Your Present


Wonders of the Universe

One of the most interesting things about WordPress is the glimpse it provides into other people’s lives. I love following your blogs! People are fascinating, and even sometimes the mundane is a sort of fantasy escape because it’s different. So thank you, gentle readers, for writing about nailpolish, fantasy hockey, med school, knitting, recipes, clothing, traffic, foreign countries, family, Cillian Murphy, baseball, feminism, linguistics… The rabbit hole is deep and crooked.

Anyway, is this weird? One person I follow is Jack Flacco and his story “Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion” comes out October 21st. I don’t know what to expect, but I’m excited to read it! Writing multiple books and birthing them into the world is kind of a big deal, in my opinion. I’m very impressed.

So between his story that I’m looking forward to reading and rewatching X-Files (omg Gillian Anderson was sooo young!) I’ve got aliens on the brain. Frankly, I believe in aliens. Not in the humanoid, walking talking kind but in the particles of life floating around our vast universe that our limited brains can’t recognize kind of way.

Let’s get down to it. There is some lame-o alien jewelry out there, folks. Like this one by Jaeci… What’s its intention? Like woah, alien spelled backward is symbolic of our fear of outside aggressors subverting our language? First of all, only the French are concerned over the sanctity of their language. Secondly, can you tell I went to art school? “But what’s it mean??”

What I interpret this bracelet to mean is that it is not worth $36. All I ask of jewelry (and men! Bad dum ching!) is to either be pretty or be interesting. This one is neither.

Now this is art! And technically a necklace :/ oops.

IMG_2817.PNG Made by Reborne Jewelry I came across their alien named necklace on Pinterest and it just blew my mind. Looks like it sold though, so I thought I’d showcase another of their pieces. The one above is named “the chained bubbled zippers”. It’s all zippers! Amazing, right?

Their bracelets are cool, kind of rock and roll but the necklaces. Wow. Just wow. Wonderful. Just like all youse guys blog posts. Keep up the good work.