10.17.14 world series ready

IMG_2831.JPG Today is a subtle day. Orange and black, because the Giants are going to the World Series. Which is bittersweet because baseball was one of those me and my dad things.

Today’s bangles: the newest Goodwill find, both the seaside charm bracelet and the NYC charm bracelet and my Orange October Hermès Calèche. Oh and what’s this? My awesome Giants necklace made by I’m Your Present


5 thoughts on “10.17.14 world series ready

  1. I see the little Statue of Liberty, what other NYC charms are there, I can’t tell? The seahorse is spiffy as well, I love seahorse stuff. Good luck to your Giants & I have to say I love your makeup.

    1. Thanks! On the NYC one there’s the empire state building, faux arche de triomphe, the library or Met or some building, the flat iron building, and one that’s maybe some church windows?

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