No, this is not an accounting post.

Taxco, Mexico sits atop a great big silver mine. It’s from where (whence, dude, whence) most Mexican silver originates. In my collection my silver pieces are either Tiffany’s, Native American or Taxco. That was probably the single most snobbiest sentence I’ve ever written. All my jewels are Tiffany’s, dahling. And when I don’t shop Tiffany’s I jet down to Taxco. En e weigh, when a tumblr slash website Mexican Silver Store started following me, my eyes popped open. Mexican silver = candy for Margaret and I was not disappointed.

But what I did not anticipate is the copper. The copper! Wow, so pretty. I don’t have any copper jewelry, do you? Brass, silver, nickel, rubber, gold, sure but not copper.

$79.95 for a pair of bangles! And I have the 10% discount code which is Tumblr

I probably won’t pull the trigger because it is actually pretty uncommon for me to buy the items I lust after but… I do want this! I must remind myself this is why I have a blog, to lust by proxy.

What do you think about the layered clamp bracelet?
Also $79.95

Cleopatra would probably wear a set of matching ones on each wrist.

But hold up a second, here is the tour de force on the Mexican Silver website. Some background first. When my honey and I visit Mexico we stay at Cabo Pulmo which is in Baja where there are a lot of camarones to be had. This means, I order camarones for every single meal. So I MUST HAVE this skrimps bangle.

It seems appropriate to express my food preferences via my bracelets. I am that type of lady. Hellllooooooooo Tiffany’s! Bet Tiffany’s is re-examining their database now and plink, I think I just heard my name removed from their mailing list.

It was worth it!! Je regrette rien! Come this way, camarones, I promise to offer you a nice home.

8 thoughts on “Taxco

  1. “In my collection my silver pieces are either Tiffany’s, Native American or Taxco. That was probably the single most snobbiest sentence I’ve ever written.” ha!
    that reminds me of when my friend Linnea was having olives and I asked something like “Are they (insert whatever olives they sell at drug stores are)?” and she took major exception and said “I do not eat olives out a fucking can!” I’ve since found she gets fresh(er) olives or something from somewhere. I dunno.

    Anyway the shrimpy bracelet is strange & amazing! Something I’d probably pick out.
    Copper is gorgeous but I can’t wear the color. I’m always jealous of people who can wear copper in makeup too. I look pretty bad in anything but silver I’ve found but if you can rock the copper I say go for it.

    1. That is a great line! Like something out of a movie. I can’t pull off copper makeup either. I think over the top flamboyant style is necessary for copper makeup. But jewelry, I’d love to see it in person.

      1. Haha, she’s a very smart, lovely, liberal but she’s just too good for canned olives.
        I’ve seen some nice shadows with copper that were still metallic but softer like more orange and brown tones than straight up copper and they were really pretty! I can’t pull it off even in another color. I use to wear deep purple big all the way around my eyes and now I don’t understand how such a thing ever happened, youth is weird.

    1. You are so right. Like a rose gold especially, which is probably why I like them so much 🙂 and hey! I ordered your two books today! Can’t wait to start reading.

  2. Reblogged this on White Girls Be Like… and commented:
    “A little something about myself: I’m a native SFer. My blog is about bracelets, specifically my bracelet collection. Through the collection and my other bracelet desires I tell stories. About myself, the world, TV shows, anything really. And, clearly, I use my blog to work through some shit. Writing is expression! My husband’s endorsement of my blog is “It’s oddly fascinating.” “

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