10.22.14 one great blog


The other day Heather , the clever blogger behind HeatherBergdahl.com nominated me for a Lovely Blog, or One Great Blog. Being locked into a weird wordpress loop I can’t find the proper name for the thing :/ but I remember how it works!

First of all, I seriously enjoy reading Heather’s blog. I’m a bit of a medical groupie, I’ll admit it! And Heather writes sometimes about her experience in med school, and sometimes about pumpkins/fall (I fugging love Halloween season!), offers some calorie friendly recipes and ohhhh CUTE ANIMAL GIFS. How can you go wrong with cute animals!

IMG_2867.GIF Wot!?! I don’t know how to gif, I’m sorry. Also, do not even think of mentioning Monday to Heather. She and Garfield share some similar disinterests.

As for me, some facts I haven’t shared properly (I promise it’s not intense! I know I sometimes spring some heavy stuff on you all):

1. As a little girl I wrote a letter to the Tooth Fairy asking her to bring my dolls to life. I should point out this is, apparently, beyond the scope of the Tooth Fairy’s powers.

2. This is year two at my shop where I’ve displayed my haunted dollhouse. It is the same house where those aforementioned dolls resided. But a lot more black.


3. Is it a compulsion to always keep one’s hands busy? If so, I compulsively make stuff. I paint, write (duh), knit, needlepoint, bake. That’s one of my paintings behind the dollhouse. And below is the shrug I recently knit and designed myself. I posted the free pattern on my shop’s blog Bath Sense, for my fellow knitters.


4. My two doggies are Bandit and Leroy. I bring them to work with me, we are around each other pretty much 24/7. That’s Bandit on the left


5. Today I’m wearing my Elsa Peretti X, my knot from Hiho Silver, Lorraine Jarbler’s ID bracelet (a Goodwill find), and my dad’s Rolex.

How many of these was I supposed to do? I feel like I just vomited info all over you guys and didn’t even give you a proper warning.

Now for the bloggers that I nominate all loosey goosey style. This part makes me shy, because I only follow blogs that interest me, I basically nominate everyone. But also I don’t want you to feel obliged, like this is some kind of chain letter you must heed or a black cat will cross your path and then you’ll be truly fudged. (How do folks feel about cursing? Because I almost cursed there but I restrained myself.)

So in the end, I nominate these blogs because I find them very interesting, would like to know more about them, they write about a variety of topics and I don’t recall reading recently one of these listy things in their blogs. AND I recommend you follow them too. You won’t be disappointed.

Blvck Fash Fanatique
At the Library
Jack Flacco
Miss North
The Honking Goose
Dressed by Dressler

16 thoughts on “10.22.14 one great blog

  1. I love the info – I can’t believe you made that sweater… it looks like something I just saw at Nordstroms… you’re so talented!!!! I love the bunnies in cups… If I had bunnies, I’d pose them in/on everything… LOL!!!!!

  2. I love your bangles for today but I was also checking out that big rock on your finger!! < 3 it's beautiful.

    It's so awesome that you bring your dogs to work. I wish I could bring my cats everywhere. They aren't fond of car rides though.

    1. Thanks! My honey did such a great job with my engagement ring. They are antique diamonds that he had put into a new setting. It was the happiest moment of my entire life when he proposed. I was sobbing with joy 🙂

  3. = beautiful = – excellent touch with the watch – perhaps its easier for the cat to read the time that way…:)

  4. I’m glad you took the time to do this because it is interesting to find out a little more about the people whose blogs I read, I’ll never tired of photos of precious dogs & the haunted doll house is to die for! Your painting is marvelous, the colors are exactly what I like from what I can see, creamy purples, greys. You’re talented with all the art you create!
    I was surprised to find myself at the bottom of the post-thanks for that=)

      1. I started the movie late, maybe 330AM? and immediately thought “this is a bad idea, I should go to sleep.” I’m going to watch tonight & I’ll just play them at the same exact time in case that unlocks some special secret about the universe. I’ll let you know!

      2. Don’t be afraid! And how even weirderer is this?–I asked a friend over the phone if she’d seen or heard of Jesus’ Son before and she said “yes, we have the poster at work”. She works at the Philly airport and I guess the movie was filmed there.

      1. Sure i will 🙂 it’s just that i’ve been really tied up lately but i’ll find time to..thanks x

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