10.23.14 blue and gold

IMG_2880.JPG Today my UP gets a moment in the spotlight! It goes with the little turquoise bracelet so I figured, what the heck? It’s paired with my dad’s watch, which it turns out I have to wear to keep the time running. I’m also wearing a little Native American silver and turquoise cuff, and my asymmetrical brass wire cuff from Goodwill.

Dude, I am dragging today. My mom would blame the low barometric pressure and this funky weather we’re having in Sauna Francisco. It’s so warm! Hot even! And with our drought going on, I’m worried. I woke up the other morning smelling smoke, convinced something nearby was on fire. But it was a remanent of a dream. I blame my dragging on staying awake too late last night. And the low barometric pressure, I think my mom is right on that one.

Great news though, I sold a painting yesterday! So I hustled my butt this morning to get it to the shippers before work. Here it is below, it has a highly reflective surface so the glare is huge. Farewell “The Sub”! Hope you enjoy your new home in Minnesota! Better you than me!


10 thoughts on “10.23.14 blue and gold

  1. Congrats for selling your painting. You must feel ecstatic! Also, that bracelet, second from the left, reminds me of something Robert Plant used to wear back in the heyday of the 70s leading Led Zeppelin. Great look to it!

  2. Congratulations for the painting Margaret! Love the colors.
    Gosh, that watch gets me every single time! What a beautiful time piece. Yeap, automatics need to be worn to keep running (they usually have a couple of days of reserve though). Or keep it in a winding watch box and it will always be running (their internals don’t like to be stopped for too long).

      1. In your case its value is far and beyond the material aspect… I have items from my dad (I lost him when I was 16) that for me are priceless. Someone could offer me tens of millions and I would never surrender them.

      2. I’ve got a ton of his books now, just cheesy airport novel stuff but when he finished a book, he always wrote the date in the back. Talk about valueless to others but valuable to yourself đŸ™‚ I raise my glass to our gone dads and all their things.

      3. Indeed Margaret! Cheers to them and their influence in shaping our understanding of what is truly valuable. I’ll have a glass of great red on that note. Have a great weekend!

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