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You know that game “If you could live in any era, when would it be?” It’s not nearly as fun as FMK. But so, it always amazes me when people pick these supposedly glamorous times that actually would have sucked to a. live in and to b. live in as a woman and/or a person of color.

The Victorian Age probably ranks up there as one of those overly romanticized and actually probably pretty awful periods that are often picked. People seem to forget that the Victorians went to the bathroom in bowls in their bedrooms. They kept that container under the bed. Then they discarded it’s contents OUT THE WINDOW! It was a FILTHY time!

But damn, they made some pretty jewelries. This one is available on the Past Era website and can be yours for $6950!

IMG_2882.JPG I met the people from Past Era at the SF Fall Antiques Show. They were so nice and gracious when I asked them about their bracelets and if I could take pictures for my blog. Here’s my shot, a pile o antique bracelets.

I think they were maybe even a little impressed with my 42 blog followers. Do not dare to correct me! *sigh* I would probably be okay with suffering through a little consumption to get my hands on one of those darlings.

If you want to talk eras, let’s talk Scythian. Dude. NEVER pick Scythian when you are playing the era game because what if some weird wormhole magically develops and instantly transports you to your era of choice and you just fucking picked SCYTHIAN! Do you like war? And tribal living? Raising ox for slaughter and starving to death during times of famine? How do you feel about pillaging and rape? Well you will love the Scythians! I mean, even if you picked the Scythians because of their gold work, you can just buy their gold now for the reasonable sum of $35000 from Ollemans.

IMG_2875.JPG If you give me the option of Mongolia under the reign of Genghis Kahn or Sycthians, I would pick Genghis Khan because I 💗💗🐴.

I guess after those last two picks, roaring twenties (another popular choice) has some appeal. But we’re talking life pre-Penicillin, women and blacks were still considered the legal property of men, and the Great Depression was looming on the horizon. No thank you!

If I could go back in time, to any time, first I would choose the time of dinosaurs, but being the only human would probably get kind of lonely. Then I’d choose 2 years ago because life was pretty good two years ago, and it would give me the chance to do some major things differently.

Now, FMK? Lorelai Gillmore, Darryl from the Walking Dead, Carl from the Walking Dead? Trick question because there’s two kills in there.

9 thoughts on “Games people play

  1. Especially with the 1950’s…always so much nostalgia because it was supposedly a safer, more innocent time but I see it as a racist, restrictive, judgmental time when lots of horrors happened behind closed doors. Though I admit I like plenty of the late ’50s music and fashion I wouldn’t want to experience that time period for more than a couple hours in my time machine. Before I realized Woody Allen was a gross person I loved Midnight in Paris because it brought that idea forward about everybody always glamorizing and romanticizing a period from the past as the “golden age”.
    FMK-I love that game, it goes great with a few drinks. Usually I play “Who would rather?” but it can get weird.
    Beautiful jewelry picks today.
    Lorelai and Carl are dead meat.

    1. Shoot!! I wrote a long reply and lost it. Basically ditto on everything, Woody Allen etc. And you totally picked correctly on who has a target on their backs 🙂

  2. I totally agree. I see girls EVERY DAMN DAY glamorizing the 1950’s like it was this perfect decade in time and I’m like… y’all- pls go do your research. Basically I can’t stand when anyone universally romanticizes any decade of the past, but I equally dislike when people romanticize the present with statements of our “post-racial society” or America being the “most blessed land in the entire world”. It just makes me sad to see so much ignorance in the world, but I try not to concern myself with people like that and instead work hard towards building a world that I will hopefully be proud to live in, by building relationships with cool people. 🙂 LIKE YOU! Hehe loving your blog more and moooooore. And yes- shops should totally send you their jewelry to be featured on your blog. Hehe.

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