Men and hair and silver bracelets

Who watched The Walking Dead last night? How about The Talking Dead after? Did anybody else notice Slash’s jewelry?

IMG_2905.JPG This picture is from Mary Lynn Rajskb’s twitter account @rajskb. You may recognize her from 24. I, however did not, but from being Gail the Snail on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

But Slash. The man has a thing for silver. I know the hair, the hat, and the sunglasses are his trademark but does anyone ever see his eyeballs? This is coming from someone who frequently wears her sunglasses indoors. They are prescription lenses! I think the people at the supermarket understand.

Anyway, in my post from the other day Jack Flacco mentioned that my turquoise cuff bracelet looked like something Robert Plant would wear. He was so right! Look at this picture I found.

(mid 1970s, Near Chicago, Illinois, USA — Robert Plant With Folded Arms — Image by © Neal Preston/CORBIS)

So much hair too. Sometimes I love a man with long hair, but I’m sorry Robert Plant, let me recommend a deep conditioning treatment for your whole situation there. Maybe the barber of Kashmir can do something with it.

Now Lenny Kravitz, man. This formerly big haired, much bejeweled rockstar made my tweenage heart beat faster.

IMG_2904.JPG I’m experiencing some serious heart palpitations even now! As I type! *fanning myself* Did you guys know he used to date Vanessa Paradis? The things you discover when you google Lenny Kravitz 1992.

Do you all see the connection between these men? Big ass hair that would put the ladies of Texas to shame, general shirtlessness (not on TTD obvi, but often you will find Slash shirtless) and huge statement wrist décor.

I guess if you swap out the shirtlessness for cowboy boots you could say these men are my style icons? :/ Nah, I’ll stick with Karen from Californication plus more bracelets as my style icon.


19 thoughts on “Men and hair and silver bracelets

  1. I’ve been having a few chats here at home about how stylish it is for men to be using proper bracelet jewelry (unfortunately, until now, not successfully).
    I do remember my Rock n Roll days which coincided with the old Kravitz and his “Paradis” dreams (or shall I say “Realitis” dreams).

      1. I’m really picky. Too solid can look sort of over compensating (in my eyes), too light maybe overly feminine. Not easy. Some are just perfect.

  2. I watched Talking Dead last night – how hot was Andrew J. West right? – and Slash’s jewelry is on point. And how stressful was that TWD episode. Gah!

    1. He’s beautiful! And gently cross eyed too which is pretty cute. I can’t figure out what they’ll do with the rest of TWD season. They’re blowing through locales and stories so quickly.

      1. I guess they’re going to focus more on the people that took Beth – which I suspect was one of the people with Daryl at the end of the previous ep. But yeah. Everything is movimg too fast! What did you feel about Glen and Maggie leaving?

      2. Eh… There’s been basically nothing about them this season. So it was almost like I forgot they are characters on the show. I think it’s better for the storyline when the group is divided because then they focus on the individuals and offer their characters the opportunity to develop. So I actually think it’s a good thing. And they had to keep their promise, you know? I told my husband that I think Michonne has officially achieved the status of an unkillable character. The other 3 being Daryl, Rick, and (unfortunately) Karl.

      3. Yeah. I think the fans would riot if Rick and Daryl does not survive. That’s interesting the “unkillable” status. And I’m board with Michonne surviving this thing. That moment with the sword though…

  3. I’ll never forget seeing Robert Plant in the movie The Song Remains the Same for the first time. He stood there like a god, belting out the lines. It was the most amazing experience ever!

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