Nano Wrimothoasitheslnt

That’s how you spell it, right?

It took me a very long time to figure out what that acronym meant. I’m significantly better with anagrams than acronyms. Not kidding. Like the WR in football, I keep wanting to call it a Right Wing. Since I know that’s wrong I continue to call those guys the WR, to my husband’s huge annoyance. He has definitely explained it to me many times but it just doesn’t stick. However, give me the daily jumble and I can see the words. They just manifest themselves to me without any effort. It’s probably thanks in part to special skills I learned a while ago at a very unique job. A job that was the inspiration for a story.

That job was working in a casino.

Nope. No Mahjong here, buster.

I was a supervisor, basically my company’s equivalent of a PitBoss. Anyway, that was a lifetime ago. Then I was run over by a truck, and invalided at my mom’s house. As a needing-to-do-something-creative-at-all-times kind of person, writing was the logical course of action. Frankly, I couldn’t do anything else. I wasn’t physically capable of it. I was in a lot of pain and needing to process what I had experienced.

No dice either.

I should probably clarify that I had recently started a new very regular type job at the time I was run over. But obviously, some of the stress reverberations from my time at the casino still needed working on, too. So it all came out. Almost dying gave me a goal. I want to publish a book.

I do need dis!!

The story transitioned from a diary of pain, to a fictionalized account of my life, to a totally fictional thriller type story set in a casino and one of the side characters gets hit by a bus. Reading those first drafts is painful. Literally full of pain, and it hurts to read. But it’s come a long way. I have an editor who has helped improve my writing by leaps and bounds. Now, like everybody else hoping to get the door slammed in their face, I’m preparing to start soliciting agents.

Which brings me to Woo Irn Man… errr Nano Wrimo

I think I want to participate. But writing this blog distracts me so much (in a good way). This blog gives me a purpose in a way that I really need right now while I’m dealing with the bad shit in my life. Do people do both? Maintain their blogs and write a story? Have you done it before, are you doing it now? Give me insight please!

Note about the bracelets: today the pictures link to their websites if you are interested in them. A quick note, neither Mah Jong nor dice games were offered at my casino, but I can’t find any Pai Gow jewelry to showcase.

9 thoughts on “Nano Wrimothoasitheslnt

  1. I Need Dis otter is so funny!

    I’ve written on the side almost the entire time I’ve kept my blog but I haven’t written for publication and my blog is just a bunch of jumbled crap so it’s not like I could really give you any advice. I don’t find blogging & writing too tough to mix however blogging while writing for school is tough for some reason and I get pissed off at my blog. I’m starting to ramble so anyway this is really cool to read about & amazing that you’re trying to get your work out there! I hope to see your book in a store or on a kindle sometime in the future. Seriously good luck=)

    1. I assumed you were in school for photography, but is it something else?

      Yeah trying to get published is the goal, but I think that’s most people. My editor gave me this whole lecture about not getting disappointed, there’s so many rejections regardless of the caliber of work and there’s always self publishing. I told him I understood, but I am determined and I’m choosing to ignore his warnings 🙂

      Thanks for the insight about how your blog is affected by your different writing needs.

      1. Hi! Well I’m interested to hear how it goes if you feel comfortable updating readers on your journey towards publication! Your blog is entertaining & funny so I have faith.
        Here’s something you mind find interesting or maybe you’ve already read all this stuff, it’s a post about finding an agent and the whole process from a sort of friend of mine who’s a published author

        I’m in school for writing arts & film studies but if I stay on my current path I may be minoring in photography starting next semester but it’s sort of in limbo at the moment.=)

  2. One word: NaNoWriMo! 😉 Love that bracelet in silver with the skull and dice. I can totally see me wear something like that! It’s really, really, really cool! Actually, awesome!

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