11.2.14 tired little doggy


Sometimes a post must stay simple. Today’s bangles are a Goodwill brass bow cuff, horn bangles, Cartier Tank Française, Goodwill brass feather cuff, and my two Native American skinny silver cuffs.

Bandit sez “Don’t bother me now, some of us need our beauty sleep.”

13 thoughts on “11.2.14 tired little doggy

      1. Ahahah, yes, he’s likely smaller. Maine Coons love dogs though, big or small. Just check this video (always reminds me why I love dogs and Maine Coon cats):

      2. That is so cute. I love animals interacting, they crack me up. My dogs are so intent on befriending the neighborhood kitties, but no cat will be friends with them. So they sit there squealing in this funny manner, super hopeful the cat they’ve spotted will come over. Never happens.

      3. Indeed. I love dogs. They are so different from cats, such reliable companions. Our cat will always give hints that he had enough interaction with humans and needs his space. Really independent creatures which is the exact reason I equally love cats 🙂 Try and get him a young Maine Coon. They bound easily with dogs.

  1. The more I look at your goodwill brass feather cuff and bow cuff,the more I’m falling in love with them. So gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks! This was a good buy, a grab bag of bracelets for $7. These are the best 2, but there are others with name brand stamps. Monet jewelry and Carolee, which are department store brands. I think I might have a bracelet give away.

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