Med Alert!

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead started me thinking about a number of things.

First of all, how do you talk about a show without talking about a show? It’s tricky, isn’t it? Especially something like The Walking Dead where you don’t want to spoil anything for those who watch it on delay. My answer is this: talk about the show without talking about the plot.

For TWD there are so many hypotheticals. It’s easy to transition the conversation from when character X did this specific thing to if you were in the zombie apocalypse, would you grow tomatoes or squash? Squash is the correct answer because it grows like a mo fo. And needs less maintenance then tomatoes. It’s basically an edible weed. I know because I signed up for a CSA and I almost always received squash in my box. Getting some tomatoes was like hitting the jackpot, but you’ve got to eat them quickly before they rot. Squash tho? It can even double as a weapon.

You can also bring up the guest actors in the show, because usually that’s not a spoil. Last night’s episode was just a showcase of “Oh hey, isn’t that… from that other show?” I’m looking at you, kid from Everybody Hates Chris and co-star lady from Hello Ladies. I think she was also in a Metamucil commercial that aired during last night’s TWD episode. Fiber is always important, but if you are eating your squash you should be good without the additional supplements.

Now here’s the tricky part of talking about a show and keeping it spoiler free. Setting. Is it fair game or no? I kind of think everybody knew leading up to last night’s episode that Beth woke up in a hospital. But, if you are two weeks behind in watching maybe you didn’t. So I’m sorry if bringing up the hospital setting is a spoiler.

The hospital is very interesting to me. I’ve been hospitalized for a long stretch of time, I’m fascinated by all things medical. I might be a bit of a medical groupie even. Plus I’m going thru this IVF- look at all my drugs and vitamins!

IMG_2946.JPG You know those pictures on Instagram where people layout a bunch of bills and sometimes guns and weed. Like they are ballers, but really they’re just dumb schmucks who’ve cashed out $200 in singles? Well this picture is the IVF equivalent. I could probably save some money by developing a heavy cocaine habit and giving up on this folly known as reproduction.

Back on topic, though. For a bracelet related tie-in? Hospital is where it’s at.

For ages now I’ve had “fancy med alert bracelet” on my gift idea list for my brother, Newt. That is not his birth name, BTW. I should mention that he’s a grown ass man, but he is still Newt to me. So Newt is severely allergic to peanuts and I think a nice, masculine med alert bracelet would be both practical and thoughtful. But the right one is hard to find.

For a man, it’s got be classic and simple. I like this one from American Medical.

I’m curious if this design is too subtle for the on the scene responders. I think they check for this kind of thing, but in the heat of the moment, does this style ever get mistaken for a regular bracelet?

This one stands out, with the red stamp and the watch like chain. You can even store your medical information on a little chip thingy. Which is hypothetically useful, but what EMT travels around with a micro chip reader? I think you should engrave contact info and the most important medical details on the bracelet. Save the “I sprained my knee in 6th grade PE” part of your medical history for the chip.


Emergency contact phone number is crucial, you guys. I remember lying in the middle of Market Street, the sky was very blue, people asking me for a phone number, who they should call. I couldn’t remember, nothing came to me. And then I pulled 393-7626 out of some pocket of my mind, but it was my dad’s work number from when I was a little girl. Not at all current. Eventually, it all got figured out. This part I don’t remember.

But if numbers are on your wrist, your family finds out that much quicker that there is an emergency situation. Your emergency responders know if there’s a heart condition, or special medication or anything that might effect the outcome of their treatment. I should probably pull the trigger already on one of these bracelets for my brother.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best! I think that also applies to zombie apocalypse. So hey, go ahead and grow both the tomatoes and the squash.

26 thoughts on “Med Alert!

      1. He sounds adorable. An adorable guy with a nut allergy. 🙂

        You know what, I worked as a nurse for so and so years but never encountered a person with a nut allergy and I watch all this TV shows where a nut allergy is usually referenced and then read on famous people having nut allergy. It’s more common than I thought.

      2. People love to say it’s a recent thing, but it really isn’t. He went into anaphylactic shock when he was maybe 1 or so, from eating those Easter candies that are basically sugar coated nuts. But so, if he has peanut butter, he’ll die. I find nuts really gross myself, but that’s definitely a psychological thing. Except for pistachios, I like pistachios.

      3. This may sound weird but for Filipinos, being allergic to something is like a foreign concept. Like it only exists in movies or something. If you tell a Filipino – living in the Philippines – you have a nut allergy, they will not get it. I don’t know if I just made myself sound like I’m racist to my own people or what. That’s just my observation. But I guess it’s different now, with all this healthy eating going ons.

        But yeah nut allergy is very serious. Some have this idea that allergy is all about itchy feelings and red patchy skin but it can really end you. I used to be highly allergic to chicken skin and crustaceans but now it’s milder. No more shock episodes.

      4. The annoying thing is that with all these people “eating healthy” and making such a big deal out of what is basically picky eating, it undermines the actual harm of severe food allergies.

        I always site this one bday party I went to, where the girl is a professional baker. Her cake was a chocolate cake, and I took a bite and was all “Woah! There’s peanut butter in there, you have to give people a heads up about this.”

        I could taste it but my husband who is so accustomed to peanut butter could not. My brother usually just does not eat food he isn’t familiar with, back up is ask about the ingredients, and third back up is ask someone who’s tasting it if there’s nuts. But chocolate cake? If he had by passed steps one and two because who puts peanut butter in chocolate cake, and instead asked someone if it tasted like nuts, he would have been fucked. Because no one else noticed the “secret ingredient”.

        Anyway… That was long and drawn on out my part 😸

      5. Nut allergy can be really tricky because most products are laced with nuts (thats what she said! (or didn’t want to say)) or is nut flavored (that’s what she…you get it) in some way. I am suddenly hyper aware of everything nutty in my pantry (so many nut related jokes!) And I feel bad for Newt but you can tell him, from me, that he is not missing out because peanut butter is not that great anyway. Yeah I said it! I don’t care if Reese herself reads this.

  1. You know, I don’t watch The Walking Dead, but I think the squash thing is genius. So is the bracelet. Never really thought about that, but dude it’s always good to prepare in case of a zombie apocalypse. You never know.

      1. the second one is more “manly” – if there is such a thing when it comes to jewelry… my entire family has some sort of medical jewelry – whether it’s those med alert necklaces where at the click of a button it calls the cops, ambulance, fire department, etc or a bracelet or dog tags with printed health information…

  2. Now I’ve seen the episode. I hadn’t read far enough to read you mentioned not spoiling it though I do remember you commenting that it shant be spoiled in the post. Good job at talking about it without talking about it!
    and I knew that lolipop guy was familiar! So thanks for that information.

    I’m going to get myself a medical id bracelet but put a celebrity or two as my contact so they have to meet me or they’ll look really bad. No but seriously…it’s so thoughtful to get Newt the bracelet & god forbid something happens, and it does happen, that bracelet is hugely helpful–one time I was asleep baby-sitting and I couldn’t even remember the kid’s name when I woke up, I don’t think I’d remember phone #’s in an emergency.

      1. This is a good plan actually maybe just a dramatic ankle twist & when my dream date arrives to save me I’ll be like “what a wild mix up!” like I didn’t put them as my emergency contact and so begins the must-see romantic comedy of the year.

      2. Total perfect RomCom material. Or wait, perfect RomCom is that you requested the engraver to put the celebs number accidentally, like maybe it’s one digit off from your mom’s. Whoops big mix up! And you guys dislike each other initially but then you fall in love.

      3. Good call, you’re right on the digit mix-up! And then I’ll start to think he’s a decent guy after I see him wave to a baby in the park or something like that & at the end I’ll get a new phone for some reason and someone will say to me(after I bonk my head) “we tried to reach your emergency contact/actor boyfriend” UH OH so they have to call my second emergency contact and it’ll be a cameo by Ewan McGregor. After I sell the movie rights I’ll make sure you get a story by credit.

      4. Oh no & you know Cillian Murphy is shorter than Ewan Mcgregor(I think) only like 5’8”-ish….is that super gross? I’m short so I didn’t think about it:/ These dream super dates aren’t gonna work out now!
        I think you need to watch the “Blind Date” episode of Saved By the Bell in which Jessie is uncomfortable dating a shorter boy.
        PS: It is really SBTB and it was very hard for me not to Rick Roll you right then.

      5. Awesome, I was still wary even after the disclaimer! I’ll watch it. Well, I am 5’8″ but I have delusions that I’m taller, so that might be tough. Shoooooooot!!

      6. You are tall. And Kate Moss is only 5’7″ think about that!
        I’ve googled Ewan because I’m a mature adult & anyway he’s 5’10” it says, which means he’s probably 5’9″ I always round them down because they lie.

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