Let’s all admit something right here right now. We’re all of us snobs about something. I happen to be a snob about many things. Most of these things relate directly to what I perceive as the destruction of our unique communities. A national homogenization that will soon come back to bite us in the butts.

fast food jewelry

Amazon, for example. I am extremely They kill the small business in several shitty ways. But, not only that, they don’t add anything to your community. Locally owned businesses reinvest in the local economy at a 60% higher rate than chain and internet retailers. If you are interested in how chain stores affect your community I recommend reading the SF LoMA website. Don’t even get me started on Apple. You know their “headquarters” are in Ireland, right? Which saves them a buttload in taxes. It’s cheating, in my opinion.

So I am pretty snobby about where I spend my dollars. I have very high ideals. Shop local, walk primarily, no fur products ever, buy quality products that are made in the USA from companies that don’t use unregulated laborers, buy products not tested on animals, be a conscientious shopper. I’ve watched every Morgan Spurlock documentary.

But that all flies out the window when it comes to McDonald’s.
There’s a couple of McDonald’s locations in SF. Maybe three, and I never go to them. That is my ideological concession. I can eat McDonald’s but only on road-trips. And we are hitting the road tonight! Which means MCDONALD’S DINNER FOR MARGARET, YO!! I am so excited.

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