Let’s all admit something right here right now. We’re all of us snobs about something. I happen to be a snob about many things. Most of these things relate directly to what I perceive as the destruction of our unique communities. A national homogenization that will soon come back to bite us in the butts.

fast food jewelry

Amazon, for example. I am extremely They kill the small business in several shitty ways. But, not only that, they don’t add anything to your community. Locally owned businesses reinvest in the local economy at a 60% higher rate than chain and internet retailers. If you are interested in how chain stores affect your community I recommend reading the SF LoMA website. Don’t even get me started on Apple. You know their “headquarters” are in Ireland, right? Which saves them a buttload in taxes. It’s cheating, in my opinion.

So I am pretty snobby about where I spend my dollars. I have very high ideals. Shop local, walk primarily, no fur products ever, buy quality products that are made in the USA from companies that don’t use unregulated laborers, buy products not tested on animals, be a conscientious shopper. I’ve watched every Morgan Spurlock documentary.

But that all flies out the window when it comes to McDonald’s.
There’s a couple of McDonald’s locations in SF. Maybe three, and I never go to them. That is my ideological concession. I can eat McDonald’s but only on road-trips. And we are hitting the road tonight! Which means MCDONALD’S DINNER FOR MARGARET, YO!! I am so excited.

Charm bracelet made by and available at Fiction Jewellery (Yes, the Brits spell jewelry all wonky.)
Moschino purse available at Net A Porter

11 thoughts on “McSnobbery

  1. Ohhh I’m so with you. I love Mac. In my case it’s what I used to eat when we were on the road with my rock band, when I was back in Portugal. I must say Burger King with their french fries also makes me go weak in the knees. Unfortunately my Celiac side doesn’t allow me to enjoy it as often as I’d like it and used to – actually, I shouldn’t even come close to their food but every now and then, when things are a bit more stable, I indulge – and love every tiny bit of it 😀

  2. Hahaha…no McDonald’s for me but I have similar snobbery that goes out the window for say Starbucks.
    I hope this makes sense but a little McDonald’s isn’t the worst or I don’t know maybe it is? I think it isn’t because you do practice some of your values(no fur for example) and stick to them. McDonald’s is one thing, it’s your one thing you do, it’s ok! It’s like just because I don’t have a Prius doesn’t mean I shouldn’t bother recycling or am I not making sense. I’m tired.

  3. Yep, me too! I’m a snob about A Lot of things and it’s great to hear someone else admit it. (I recently asked my partner, what’s wrong with being a snob anyway?) You and I share the no fur position and I walk and try to shop locally as well. I’ll trade you McDonald’s for Amazon. I do agree with you and I hardly ever shop on Amazon personally but I do at my Day Job and on behalf of my elderly mother, for convenience. McDonald’s, however, I will not step foot in. But it all equals out and hey, at least neither one of us is sporting fur!

  4. I used to love McDonald’s, probably because I was rarely allowed to step foot in one when I was younger (my parents are health nuts). Now that I’m “grown up,” I also only reserve a McDonald’s meal for when I’m on the road. The problem is, after not having junk for so long, my body always sort of …fall apart after eating there. I never noticed this growing up. :[

  5. I LOVE THAT FOOD BRACELET! Oh my gosh food jewelry makes me so happy I could cry! I’m pretty snobby about where I spend my dollars as well. Although a good portion of my spending is repaying my student loans, when I do treat myself to something, I almost always buy vintage. 🙂

    1. Vintage is the so environmentally friendly. Because you’re making nothing new, not using child labor or anything like that, not contributing to the garbage in the world. Besides vintage clothes were made so much better than our current clothes and last better.

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