Guest Blog by Natalina 11.9.14

Today we have a very special guest, my niece Natalina (8 years old) who is the master of Rainbow/Crazy Loom bracelet making.

How do you make these crazy loom bracelets?

Natalina: First you get your rack then you get your hook. And you get two or more color rubber bands. Then you read the instructions on which bracelet you would like to make. Once you choose one, you follow the pattern on how to put your rubber bands on your rack. Then loom the rubberbands like it says on the instructions. Then you’ll find that there’s one rubberband that you can put the C clip that’s clear that you put on one rubberband. Then you lift it up slowly, if it falls apart, retry. If it doesn’t, keep lifting and once you have one rubberband left on there, put the other end of your C clip on there and lift up.

Above are a few of Natalina’s creations and below is the special fish tail one she made for me.

I’m a lucky Auntie.