Guest blogger Briar Rose and her bracelet collection

Two days, two guest bloggers! Today I welcome my five year old niece, Briar Rose*.


(Sentence above typed by Briar Rose herself)

Briar Rose: I like to play with my jewelry and my makeup box. What the box is is a makeup fake box with princesses on it. And it comes with fake makeup. What I do with my bracelets, I play with them and pack purses with them. That’s it.

(I ask, what is your favorite bracelet?)

The charm bracelet is my favorite.

(This girl clearly knows how to work her Auntie, the giver of the charm bracelet.)

*writer’s pseudonym

21 thoughts on “Guest blogger Briar Rose and her bracelet collection

      1. No worries! Kids gets excited for the smallest things and I like to make people smile πŸ™‚ I have cousins in those ages

  1. Cutest bracelets ever. I am bit of a tomboy but then we have to wear these bangles and bracelets on different occasions with traditional wear. So I have a few in my wardrobe. How do I share them with you? Post on my blog and send a ping back? I would love to hear your say on my limited possessions πŸ˜‰

    1. Through WP I’ve been reading about the Indian cultural relationship to bangles. It’s fascinating to me! I like the colors and symbolism. And the traditions of special occasions, like weddings.

      1. Aye aye πŸ™‚ For example, in Marathi weddings you got to wear green glass ones. In Bengali weddings, white conch shell bangles and red (maybe coral) bangles are a must. The North Indians have set of white and red ones on their wedding known as Chooraa and they remove it only after a certain period of time.

      2. So interesting! I love that. Most of my bracelets have significance to me on a personal level, but I think that’s cool that you could be at the market, wearing your red and white bangles and people know you just were married.

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