Being Hit By A Truck vs. Infertility: which is the best?


Pain YES X neglible
Heart ache neglible X YES
Cause Truck X Cause unknown
Weight change loss X gain
Ability to exercise not possible X not allowed
Time heals all wounds X is not a woman’s friend
Financial profit gain* X loss
Diagnosable psychological repercussions PTSD, panic disorder tie tie depression
Time off work many months paid leave X two days per IVF round unpaid leave
Frequency of strangers asking if you are pregnant daily by X-Ray techs but otherwise non occurring X Frequently because you are fat from hormones and lack of exercise
Ability of strangers asking if you are pregnant to make you cry Nope X Immense
Fun-ness of medications Very fun X No fun
Internet forums to discuss issues Maybe? X Gobs
Risk of death High X No risk
Relatability of the situation Very, everybody has experienced pain and can imagine being hit by truck X Not very, except by others who have experienced it
Root of fear that being hit by a truck contributed to infertility Yes X No

Conclusion, being hit by a truck is better than infertility by a landslide! Lesson here, always choose being hit by a truck. Wholesale ducky hospital ID bracelets available at PDC Healthcare

*conditional upon fault of insured truck driver

9 thoughts on “Being Hit By A Truck vs. Infertility: which is the best?

  1. Why the hell do people ask strangers if they are pregnant? If they literally see a woman going into labor on the sidewalk then it is an acceptable question.
    This is an amazingly clever post! Well done, it made me laugh even though it’s clearly coming from a sore spot, how are you so good at that?

    1. Thanks, Susan ๐Ÿ™‚ It always stuns me when strangers ask me if I pregnant. Usually it’s other women and you’d think they’d realize that it sucks when they are wrong about it.

      I don’t know if it’s healthy but I think making fun of myself is my defense mechanism :/

      1. Also “Are you sick?” because I’ve been asked that at work when I just wasn’t wearing makeup for once.

        :/ I don’t know if this is true but I think it’s good that you’re at least expressing your worries in some way instead of bottling it up or am I making up fake psychology stuff?

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