The Walking Dora

The other day I asked Dora about her second favorite TV show because her first favorite is The Walking Dead, and I’ve already sought out zombie jewelry about twelve times now. Here I found the disappointing branded Walking Dead store, here I covered all things zombie and here I took down the MAN in my TWD, Sex Ed Fail post.

Maybe we can admit two things straight off the bat. First, I am prone to exaggeration. Second, I’ve probably beaten the zombie bracelet theme to death. Unfortunately for you all, it then rose from the dead and bit me ONE MORE TIME. Because, guess what? Dora and I both love TWD that much! I’m throwing Sup Darling under the wheels of the zombie bus as well. How’s that for human remains in the exhaust pipe, huh? Whatchu got to say about that?!

First up, what the fresh noise is this thing that Rick’s holding??
I found it on the Craufthaus website, made by a Rebecca Rose. I don’t know about you, but to me this looks an awful lot like a Walking Dead scene atop a ring. Which is kind of awesome.

BLoody Charms
Now, I’ve showcased some zombie charm bracelets before but this one is different in that it is significantly bloodier. MM hmm blood. Made by Antonis Art Asylum on Etsy. Talk about dedication to authenticity! But wait.. shouldn’t these tools be covered in blackish green blood if they were used on the zombies… um?? Are these tools from the Governor’s toolbox? :/ Ahem. Moving onwards!

five gold skulls
I want a five gold skull trophy bracelet! Emphasis on ‘skull trophy’ not ‘trophy bracelet’. I guess technically, this is a necklace but I’m sure we can contact Starta, the designer, maybe he would hook a fellow zombiephile up? He should for the amount of money these gold skulls cost. I’d like to point out his TWD necklace is on display right next to his cuddly teddy bear charm necklace. Watch your back, Teddy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

skull cuff
OMG even Polyvore is getting in on the zombie hookups. This skulls and skins brings a little bit of skull to that classy bracelet collection of yours. Or mine.

There you have it, there is no bottom to the zombie/jewelry pit. Please enjoy the view of all the skulls while we free fall thru this together. Just a quick aside: I’m writing this while listening to some MJ, and I just realized Man in the Mirror is the Governor’s jam. Make that change. Or not. Shamo.

39 thoughts on “The Walking Dora

      1. I’m a pretty solid fan of skulls, aesthetically. Just not a big fan of jewelry on me, though. And there’s only so many skulls I can keep on my desk before my coworkers worry, haha.

  1. Zombie jewelry never gets old. I would buy all the jewelries but I have my heart set on that skull bracelet. I remember being 17 and in a band doing No Doubt covers and cladding myself with skull and cross paraphernalia. Where was all this when that was going on?!

    P.S. Never apologize for having too many zombie related. We love it! πŸ™‚

      1. Have you seen any of the their comic con panels. If not, I highly recommend it because it’s such a delight to just see them out of their character (and in clean clothes) and I think it’s their own enthusiasm that just makes me go gaga over the show.

        I bet Rick owns a lot of TWD paraphernalia. But did you know Andrew Lincoln does not even watch the show?

      2. How does Andrew Lincoln not watch the show? Why doesn’t he? I think I’ll have to look these clips up on youtube. I saw some cheese-y British romantic comedy from the late nineties and he was in it! I was all “RICK!!!” but he played this sappy, nerdy dude. It kind of creeped me out how well he inhabited that character.

      3. Yeah. Love Actually kind of sky rocketed his career. Along with Martin Freeman and Keira Knightley. You are talking about Love Actually right?

        He says he doesn’t watch the show because he doesn’t want to inform himself of how he acts or the way he speaks. He thinks it will break the spell or something like that. It’s been told that every time they have to play a clip from the show he would shut his eyes and cover his ears and go blah blah blah like a kid.

        He looks waaay better with facial hair right??

      4. Yeah, I love scruff on a man. He’s pretty easy on the eyes, regardless.

        The movie wasn’t Love Actually, I wish I could remember the title. It wasn’t any good, however. Tom Hardy was also in it and he played some punk jerking off in the woods.

      5. Yeah. Im big on the whole men with beard thing. I am watchig Nick Offerman right now and he is super hot in my opinion.

        Tom Hardy jerking off in the woods? Ok. Im looking up this movie

      6. Shoot, I’m watching so much Gilmore Girls I haven’t seen many movies lately. Though last night we watched this French movie about prostitutes and my husband said “you’d think there’d be more full frontal in a French movie about prostitutes.” If that sounds like something you’d enjoy it’s titled Elles πŸ™‚

      7. You know what, I havent seen one episode of Gilmore Girls. I think seeing gif sets of that show is enough for me.

        That sounds interesting. I do enjoy the occasional French movie. Have you seen Amelie?

  2. I think I’m in love with that bloody charm bracelet. Yes, it should technically be covered with blackish green blood, but it’s so much more effective this way! Could be tools from the Governor’s toolbox or cooking utensils from the Termite’s communal kitchen. ;]

  3. This Rick guy is the Placard guy from Love Actually πŸ˜€ I don’t follow Breaking Bad. But totally adored him in the movie πŸ˜€

      1. The Hugh Grant one! I love his bashful Prime Minister self ❀ but I also like the friendship arc of the aged rock star and his manager. Frankly, I like most all of them. How about you?

      2. All. Top faves are the Rick guy one, then the Prime Minister, then Snape’s arc. Even Mr. Atkinson rocked his two bit part πŸ˜€ ❀

      3. Do you celebrate Christmas? It’s one of the best Christmas movies because it’s not all about the holiday but it’s such a happy reflection on the best intentions of that holiday. Bringing joy and goodwill to everyone kind of thing.

      4. Not at home per se…but there are celebrations all around. I have Christian friends and have celebrated with them. It gives a different feeling of warmth you know πŸ˜€

  4. I like little delicate skull thingies on jewelry and in unexpected places like maybe…I can’t think of a place but maybe…the buttons on a cardigan or something, but without looking too much like I’m a child from Hot Topic.

    You’re still doing TV jewelry because I would loooooooooooove to see what you can find that’s Peaky Blinders-esque but not steam punk. Go to it girl!

    1. You got it! Though I think you might like tomorrow’s fan jewelry. A hint- it’s not a tv show.

      Also cardigan with skull buttons sounds super cute! Like Doris Day meets Sid Vicious.

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