11.14.14 back in the saddle

Today I am back in the saddle, returned to work, with a butt load (yes, technical term) of shipments to receive. Christmas shipments. I apologize on behalf of all retailers. It is too damn early for Christmas ornaments and pine scented candles yet here I am, thrusting it all upon you, the consumers. I’m sorry!

Today’s bangles: plastic leopard print I found in my yarn stash- where’d this come from? Who knows!, horn bangles, brass garage sale bangles, and fake Cartier Clous.

I promise to wait until at least Thanksgiving to play this, my favorite Christmas song.

9 thoughts on “11.14.14 back in the saddle

  1. The Killers Christmas songs, thank the baby Jesus for those! There are too many awful holiday songs out there and already playing in stores and on the radio but I never mind The Killers. I love the one where the music video reminds me of A Nightmare on Elm Street but with Santa, I think it’s “I Feel It In My Bones”. I can’t wait to see what they do this year.
    Nice bangles! So perfectly color coordinated!
    I’m wondering if weather makes a difference as far as being ready for holiday music or holiday shopping & craziness bc here it’s snowing & it seems like that forces people into the mood but I could be making excuses for them being bad drivers & pushy in the store and playing Christmas songs way too early.

    1. I was just talking with a friend/customer today about how we’re all too hungover from the baseball season to get in the holiday mood. I’ve never known a snowy Christmas, so I kind of don’t know. But it has been unseasonably warm, so feels like our Indian summer isn’t ending, so it does feel too early for this push. But if my sales today are any indication people are shopping already.

      1. Okay so your sales would mean that weather doesn’t matter so I’m wrong but still! Maybe it’s just me…I mean a few days ago it was weirdly warm out and now it’s “winter weather” and that makes me want to shop & wrap oh my god I’m the problem.

      2. Haha!! If it were rainy foggy days (probably our best version of snow days), I’d be all about the making the egg nog and stew and gift wrapping too.

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