Remember how I took the day off yesterday? It was so great. Long time no sick days. That’s the biggest thing I miss from my pre self-employment life. But who needs to earn money when you can spend the day dressed like a homeless gypsy in slippers! That’s me! and Leroy! We got to do everything.
Enjoying some wine in the afternoon!

Not reading the book I planned to read because I fell asleep from drinking afternoon wine in bed!

Writing a bunch of words for NANO THINGAMAGIGIT (spoiler, yep, he’s dead)(double spoiler, Transformers is next in the queue)

Finally, the best part of all, watching a much anticipated episode of Supernatural. Sooooooo……… I love that show. I feel a bit embarrassed fessing up to it. It’s so shameful! One time, I had this dream about Sam Winchester and, well, let me tell you, waking up that morning next to my husband? I felt so guilty. I’m a terrible wife. Dreaming about Sam Winchester.
Team Sam
Nobody ever get me this Supernatural necklace from Cafe Press, okay?
Winchester spelled in Morse code by amelia morse *might* be acceptable but I want to keep this fan-mania under wraps.

Anyway, my favorite Supernatural episodes are the meta ones. Fan Fiction (episode 5 season 10) was hyper meta. I loved it. The episode ended with a surprise cameo and I squealed. My dogs looked at me like I was bananas. They were all “some of us are trying to nap here, homeless gypsy lady.” Then I said out loud to the empty house “I love it.” Because I love this show.

Final final words, look at the video my honey emailed me! I’m putting in a formal request to change my Morse code bracelet to read “Team Honey”

14 thoughts on “Supermental

  1. I used to watch Supernatural religiously but sort of fell out of it because of college. But I can’t wait to marathon the heck out of that show. Those Supernatural men are gorgeous.

    1. Aren’t they tho? You know how I’m also watching Gilmore Girls? Well, Sam is in Gilmore Girls and plays a guy named Dean. It’s too funny to see him all young and gangly.

      1. Yes we do have them in Sweden! There is this place called Skansen where they have all the Scandinavian animals at one place it’s like a zoo/park but these animals are of course out in the wild too. But I saw otters at Skansen 😉

      2. I would love to visit Sweden sometime, probably during the summer tho. And then I would visit the zoooo. My first real ‘boyfriend’ was a Swede but we met in France. I wish I could remember some of the Swedish he taught me but for some reason I only pull up very random Danish words.

      3. Oh really? It’s really beautiful here during the summer! I think you would like it here 🙂 well I can teach you some swedish, let’s start with hi which is Hej!

  2. I only saw one part of one Supernatural episode millions of years ago but I’ve always meant to go back and start the series because I like spooky stuff & the fan base seems so rabid I assume the show’s gotta be worth watching.
    I saw that otter pup video today too! I love the sounds it makes.
    Good work on the book!

    1. Thanks, Susan. Supernatural is worth it. It’s such a bubble gum kind of show, easy to watch not overly heavy content (for the most part) with monsters. I love how they poke fun at themselves. It’s surprisingly funny 🙂

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