This is a hodge podge of a theme, inspired by Heart Shaped Box. Because I am sentimental and it’s a beautiful song.

Where were you when you heard Kurt Cobain died? If you answer “just a twinkle in my parents eyes”, then you don’t know, man. You don’t know. You don’t know about the pervasive cult of Nirvana. For example, school dances played Smells Like Teen Spirit multiple times per night. You try dancing to that! It’s just not possible. No wonder I didn’t kiss a boy until I was 16. I wasn’t even a late bloomer, I was a regular bloomer. Don’t feel too sorry for me on the kissing front, tho, I more than made up for it.

So I didn’t even *like* grunge music. I was more of an R&B kind of girl. And Oldies, I loved the Oldies. But I was sprawled across the backseat of my dad’s car, the radio on while we drove somewhere when the DJ cut in to tell us of Kurt Cobain’s death. I was 14, just about to turn 15. Like Jon Snow, I knew nothing. Kurt Cobain seemed hecka old. Nirvana had been around since forever, right? I’m telling you, I knew nothing of time or life or death or art. Nothing.

Now here I am twenty years later, sentimentally listening to the gloomiest genre of music ever. I didn’t even like grunge then, but I like it now. It means something to me. I’ve been drawn into the magnet tar-pit trap of nostalgia.

Looks like the jewelry designer Isabel Marant is similarly sentimental. This line is called Nevermind. I will go out on a limb and guess is she 37 years old. If Nevermind is her go to Nirvana album I know without a shadow of a doubt that she is two years older then me. I know it!

Nirvana collection
This here is part of her Nirvana collection.

Oops. I just googled her, and though her age is impossible to find it seems she’s solidly in her mid forties. Tant pis. Her Frenchness throws off the sophisticated algorithm of age deduced by Nirvana album preference. Personally, my favorite is In Utero.

Etsy Rib Cage
In an effort to find some jewelry inspired by the female torso that graces the cover of In Utero I came across this very cool rib cage pendant by mrd74. My accident, besides almost killing me, primarily crushed my chest. I broke all my ribs, punctured both my lungs, and sported a trio of chest tubes. So I have much respect for the structure of the human rib cage, it is remarkable. We’re made of so much jelly! Fortunately, complicated architecture protects our softest parts. What can I say? She eyes me like a Pisces when I’m weak. What does that even MEAN??? I don’t know.

Quick topic change: Who’s now in the mood for some coffee? Coffee is soooo 90s, isn’t it?

23 thoughts on “Nirvana

  1. I don’t really recall where I was when I heard it. I do remember I was pretty upset. After the MTV Unplugged I really believed he would stabilize his life just a tiny bit to be around us a bit longer. It was pretty sad.

    And now, for something a bit lateral to your post… I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. I know many are not into the award scene. I don’t know if that’s your case, but I couldn’t resist mentioning your blog in my post 😀

  2. I’ve no idea where I was when he died, but I did read his biography years later and that’s when I officially started mourning his death. I was never really into grunge, either, but I convinced myself that I loved it and Smells like teen spirit became my favourite tune back then. I still like it a lot.

  3. I love the jewelry! I want some!

    I was at home and found out through MTV news. It might’ve been after school if I remember correctly. Now-a-days you’d know instantly just from walking in the hallways since everybody had smart phones.
    I also remember, more clearly, when River Phoenix’s death was announced because I was horrified & sad and it was the only Halloween I didn’t want to go trick-or-treating(but I did because I’m scum).

      1. Maybe I should write something about it. I remember the news reporting that Christina Applegate was leaving the Viper Room with friends & they were all laughing at him seizing on the sidewalk. I hated her after that but she’s since said the report wasn’t accurate and she didn’t realize what was happening to him. After the initial announcements the entertainment news shows started playing Joaquin’s 911 call over and over and over it was super disturbing:/
        Have a nice day!
        -Debbie Downer.

  4. For some reason the video’s not showing. I’m thinking it’s blocked here in Canada. Anyway, I’ve never gotten into Nirvana–not sure why. I love the description you’ve painted of their music, though. I’ll have to check them out!

    I also love the jewelry. The rib cage pendant is so appropriate for my zombie stories. A skull would be cool, too! lol 🙂

    1. I just started Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion today! My local bookstore was able to get a hard copy for me. So far so good 🙂 I hope it doesn’t matter that I’m reading out of sequence.

      The video above is Heart Shaped box. The video itself is super weird, but I love the song. I have to admit the writing you are complimenting is probably the lyrics of the song. But I hope you enjoy it.

  5. Driving across the Stanwix Street Bridge, crossing over the Monongahela River from Downtown to Southside, Pittsburgh PA, It was cold, overcast, and I was on my way to a charity used book sale at Station Square.

  6. Not an early adopter–it’s Nevermind like most people. I heard them from a proto-hipster guy who lived next door to me in employee housing in Grand Teton National Park, WY, October of 1991. I’d be immersed in Jam Bands after a punk rock adolescence–neohippie chicks beat punkers, hands down, even if the vegetarian thing was a drag. Heard through a wall, Nirvana blew my mind. I went out and pounded on the neighbor’s door, “what IS this stuff?”

    1. That’s a good story, I love it. And something that wouldn’t happen today at all. Somebody would just shazaam or google lyrics, which makes it so much less of a “you’ve revealed the secrets of the universe to me” kind of moment.

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