Grenade Goes BOom

Cartography Grenade Heart Pendant

What do you do when you’ve thrown a grenade into your relationship? Purchase matching grenade necklace and earrings? Shoot, I am the worst at problem solving.

grenade earrings

Let me warn all women against this small little RAGE side effect of Estradiol. I had an awful, terrible weekend, capped with one too many hormone pills that magnify and blow out of proportion all emotions. Remember that time I got so angry with my honey that I threw out all of our food? Same pills. The Incredible Hulk’s got nothing on my estradioled self. Anyways, I was terrible, just horrible yelling at my poor honey. But it takes two to tango, if you know what I mean.

Can I offer you this grenade bracelet to go with a big helping of crazy?

Fortunately we’re made up now. But hormones! They’re not for wimps!! (All my guys-in-a-relationship-with-a-lady followers are currently nodding their heads sagely going ‘YUP, I coulda told you that. And the sky is blue.’)

7 thoughts on “Grenade Goes BOom

  1. “Remember that time I got so angry with my honey that I threw out all of our food?” No but I would love to hear the tale.
    If this gives you any strength(or a laugh?) last night I threw a pie in the trash when I pissed off. I guess that doesn’t compare.
    The necklace is pretty, I like stuff like that, something powerful/dangerous that looks pretty! I saw a really cool bomb necklace but I forget where.

    1. If you think of it, let me know.

      Well, that sentence pretty much summarizes the entire episode. When we fight, it’s usually about dinner. So I was on those pills, and he had a late lunch and wasn’t hungry for dinner. So I “decided” to teach him a lesson about dinner which consisted of me throwing out all our food. :/

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