The Great Gift Idea Marathon

Tiffany box
Tiffany charm’s are pretty much universally beloved, but I am here to search out for you something special this holiday season. Think of me as your personal shopper. Welcome to 16 days of jewelry gift ideas for the special lady (mom, grandma, lover, daughter, sister, saint) or kind sir (father, brother, boyfriend etc.) in your life. It’s the time of the year where Very Bangled —-> Very Gifted.

Now, as you all know, I own a shop. I trudge thru the front lines of the gift giving mania each year. With my many years of battle scars I have several tried and true gift giving theories. Listen up, because I aim to hit these targets on your behalf for 16 days leading up to the holidays.

1. Most women love a gift tradition. I don’t know what came first, my love of bracelets or my dad giving me bracelets. But now almost my entire collection is thanks to my dad, and I love it. Best part of the gift tradition? Once you’ve set yours, you are golden for gift ideas on every occasion. Just continue the tradition! It’s a promise of the future of your relationship, and a special reminder of the specialness of that relationship.

2. The gift is about you, the giver, more than it is about the receiver. That moment where you’ve scored that something special for your loved ones? And their eyes gleam bright because you hit the nail on the head? That is the BEST feeling ever. But sometimes you will miss the target, and that’s okay. That’s why there are gift receipts. It’s better to shoot and fail then to tie yourself in knots and give nothing. It REALLY is the thought that counts.

3. Always go with your impulse. There is no nicer saying than “I saw this and I thought of you.” It’s heart warming. But that being said… don’t always impulse PURCHASE the item. Write it down for later. You might find something even better, but do NOT wait until the week of Christmas to complete your purchase. We, the retailers are picked clean by that point and that impulse item will be long gone.

4. Give something you love. This ties back into the gift is about the giver. You reveal a special part of yourself when you give a gift. Share that with your loved ones, they love you and giving something YOU love is sharing that love. I’ve found that my most cherished gifts are those that I would never have picked for myself, but once it’s mine, it’s so much more special because of that relationship that I have with the gift giver.

5. Stay within budget! This one is kind of derr but you can always find something special within budget. That’s the entire point of vintage. Don’t blow your money on the name. Tiffany’s costs more because it’s Tiffany’s, but is it worth more? No. Let me put it this way, do you want to give earrings and matching necklace for the same cost of one dinky little charm? YES. The answer is yes.

6. Customize! Always customize. If there’s ever an engraving or monogram or add her name option? Do it. It makes the item extra special. Years later she can look back and say “Oh yeah, that’s from Christmas 1994”.

7. Remember this is supposed to be FUN. There is no failure in gift giving. If you are unfortunate enough to have someone in your life who makes you feel bad about your gift choice? Well, they are serious jerks. That’s plain mean, inconsiderate and RUDE. They are crossed off the list for next year. No gift is deserved, gifts are wonderful opportunities to spoil the people you love, but if they are too bratty to appreciate that? Than they won’t appreciate anything ever. Don’t beat yourself up over their bad attitude. You tried your best.

Did you slog thru everything? No? No matter, I’m keeping this list in consideration and you just need to follow my recs. Starting Monday the 24th, for 16 days straight, I will give you a gift idea for every type. Trying to shop for someone specific? Tell me their fav TV shows or sports teams, interests, hobbies or anything and I’ll dedicate a post to it. You know I love this stuff. It’s the thrill of the jewelry hunt!!

8 thoughts on “The Great Gift Idea Marathon

  1. Yes the rude reactions to a gift you think is special…”Are you sure you want to spend that much?” Um are you gonna pay for it otherwise yes.
    Nice gift selecting guide–I love this stuff, last night I was examining Oprah’s O Magazine gift list but I really want it all for myself!
    My Mother loves Pearl S Buck books & all things China. (And she can wear gold colors because she is blonde-ish and better than me!)

  2. Great post! I love the idea of setting a gift tradition – I think it’s that’s the inner collector in me speaking. 😉

    Nothing is worse than a rude gift receiver. I gave someone a gift once and their reaction was literally, “Oh.” No thank-you’s, just “oh.” She scoffed a bit and then went on and on about how perfect the gift she picked out for me was (it wasn’t, but at least I thanked her for it). I wish I had known your advice about crossing her off the list for next year. The next year I gave her something that she really loved BUT she added a snide comment about how “this is SO much better than what you got me last year.” She had been off my list ever since!

    1. Omg, that is the worst gift receiving story I have heard. People are so terrible sometimes, you know?

      That rule came about because of this one family that visits my shop. Dad, daughter and dog come in, spend so long thinking about what to get mom, weighing their options and really putting a lot of thought into the process because they know she’s hard to please and they want very much to please her. Guess who shows up the next week, with everyone in tow. Mom complaining to ME about their gift IN FRONT OF THEM. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to shake her bc they had bent over backwards to find her something really special and she wants to return it bc it’s not what she wanted. That is a woman who needs to appreciate all that she has in her life, STFU, and instead say “thank you” to her family.

      1. That is AWFUL, just awful! I can’t believe that there are real people like that out there and I’m sorry that you had to witness that. They should get her coal this year, hah!

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