11.22.14 peevish

Today I received a comment on one of my blog posts, a post that I’m particularly proud of because its subject is bleak and personal but I worked very hard to balance the dark hurt aspects with humor and light. Because everything has a humorous side. Don’t get me going on colon cancer. It’s a fucking laugh riot. See? That was funny because colon cancer is NOT a laugh riot, the punchline subverts my entire thesis statement. Humor, right? Hahaha. I’m fucked up, ok?

Anyway, the post I’m talking about is Ghost Dad LOL. I’ve really appreciated the various comments I have received on it. Up until today. Because today’s commenter, not someone with a WP blog, said “love stream of consciousness writing…no going back, editing”… WTF DUDE! Do you not realize HOW MUCH going back and editing I do on each and every post? Sure, sometimes grammar errors slip thru, sometimes that grammar error is intentional, sometimes I misspell something and don’t catch it but NEVER NOT EVER have I posted a stream of consciousness post. Maybe in a comment once or twice. Sort of?

I completely acknowledge that I am twisting my own panties in a bunch with very little cause. Fine, the commenter attempted a compliment. Maybe he doesn’t know what stream of consciousness is?

If that’s the case, here’s stream of consciousness:
Typing odn an ipad sucks and my fingers move too slow. I hate this song right now, shoudlnt have eaten that whole oanini. Greta more typos. Fat fingers. Cokd table. wtf.

👆That’s a pretty garbage blog post, right? Say what you like about my writing, but don’t ever say that I don’t go back and edit. That is the realm where I am KING.

Today’s bangles are: flacons de parfum, rouge Calèche, silver Taxco bangle, skinny silver Tiffany’s bangle, and wide Tiffany’s bangle from Christmas 1994.

Now ask me my opinion on starting a blog post with “I”; this rant train is the express and we are making no stops today.

11 thoughts on “11.22.14 peevish

    1. By the way, I read the original post and it’s very well presented. I hope you find everything you’ve been looking for! 👍. Be good.

  1. Proof reading is much more difficult than a lot of people realize and anybody who doesn’t know and doesn’t pick up on that is not a writer in any way. Our eyes purposely skip right over errors when we’re double checking our writing and fill in errors so we miss them. It’s not something that needs to be pointed out and if that reader wasn’t pointing it out in a weird dickhead way and really thought you’d posted some stream of consciousness writing they are insane & dopey and I dunno I hate them?
    They sound like a stupid idiot.

    1. Everything you’re saying is so true. Sometimes it amazes me the difference in words that I type versus what I was meaning to type. Like fully wrong words, I cant think of an example right now. Also, thanks for the support.

      1. You know what & its not even like that post seemed riddled with typos, I remembered it & looked at it again just curiously after reading your Peevish post yesterday-it has a purposeful structure and I don’t get why anybody would comment otherwise unless they were purposely being a jerk, so weird!! But http://www.wired.com/2014/08/wuwt-typos/ this is interesting though I don’t think it applies to you in general because your posts don’t come off to me as “she never proofreads!” But your welcome, I just hate dumb idiots!

      2. Wow, that is a fascinating article. It makes so much sense. Thanks for the link.

        I have to admit, I felt kind of bad for getting so annoyed about the guys comment. I figure his intent was to offer a compliment. But I didn’t even approve it to be posted bc it just ticked me off so much. Some posts are definitely less proofread then others, but that one I worked very hard on it. There was a lot I cut out bc I was trying hard to hit a balance. But I think he probably was just using the wrong words himself. Oh well.

        So..the more I watch Peaky Blinders the more clever I realize it is. All those references that are explained over the course of the show, spider webbing the episodes together. Like Solomon sending the telegram inviting Thomas to break bread sometime, then we meet him in his distillery and he keeps talking about bread. So cool.

      3. I think you realize but just in case that link I sent you is because its interesting & not because I think you need some help with how to proofread! It just came to mind since you mentioned proofreading yesterday=)

  2. Oh no, it won’t let me reply to you in the proper spot.
    It was a great post so it was probably sincere & you’re right they just didn’t know the words to use but it can still be annoying! I would’ve stared at it and thought “What???” I’m always paranoid of a backhanded compliment & would’ve reacted the same way!

    I’m glad!! Thanks for telling me. I am perhaps obsessed and need a lobotomy but I’ve rewatched the series a few times and I like season 1 even more than the first time around because I noticed so much interesting stuff after the initial viewing, it seems smoother to me now and less rushed. I enjoyed season 2 a lot and at first I disliked them jumping 2 years ahead and no Freddie but I think it was smart now(minus no Freddie why did Freddie go!?). John became one of my favorite characters, he was a hot mess in season 1, next to Arthur, but he’s got his shit together in season 2. And I really appreciate Cillian Murphy pumping iron in his free time so I can enjoy his arms and not feel weird about him being a twerp.

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