Mom First


Gifts for:
*The Family Tree Loving Mom
*The Picture Sharing Mom
*The Money Is No Object Mom

Welcome, welcome to my gift idea bonanza! Day one, we are starting with those special ladies in our lives, MOMS! You might be married to one, you might be a child of one, or you might be best friends with one. What can I say, there’s lots of moms about. My gift ideas go from least expensive and proceed to most expensive. Because there’s got to be some kind of order here. (I think my mom taught me that.) So if you love a mom, and you need a gift, I present you my curated options.

Of all the mom jewelry out there, this is hands down the loveliest that I’ve found. The jewels between the branches represent the birth month of each kid. You pick the gem stones, quantity, alakazaam! Instant customized family tree necklace. They even include a birth month/gemstone code. Handy right?

You know those moms, they love themselves some sharing of pictures. Before facebook there were lockets. This is a beautiful vintage heart locket pendant, 14k yellow gold, with two framed compartments. It’s on you to add the photos. It’s so classically pretty. Simple, but sentimental. Only the coldest of hearts wouldn’t love this gift.

But maybe the mom in your life is a little fancier and you’d like to give her something extra special. Nothing says “I love you” like gold and diamonds. Sure it costs a pretty penny, but who can put a price tag on love?
love you
Afterall, this lady went through 52 hours of labor. Doesn’t that warrant a little appreciation? You don’t call, you don’t write. This is probably the least you could do.

Happy holidays, moms! Think of me when you get that heart tattoo. Margaret is spelled with two As.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t offer the link to my online store… I write these posts for my love of jewelry and gift giving, there’s no sponsors here but ME for MYSELF πŸ˜€

11 thoughts on “Mom First

  1. I just wanna share with you that a very nice person who I know meant to compliment me said I have a very stream of consciousness vibe on my blog….maybe I do my blog is garbage but still. Ouch!

    1. OMG oh no!! Maybe the whole universe is not aware of what stream of consciousness means?? I do like it in specific situations. Somebody once told me David Byrne writes all the Talking Heads songs in a stream of consciousness. But he must tweak them beyond that, right? Now I feel bad that I’ve demonized stream of consciousness when it’s not a bad thing. OR maybe this is the same person!

      1. I’m always on guard of the backhanded compliment.
        I’ve heard some good ones!

        I really think that person didn’t know how to communicate that they liked your style but still…still I completely get the reaction. It may be a compliment but it makes you think “Why did they label it that way, how is this reading to people?” Your posts are well written though, that I can say for sure.

        I responded to a question about whether or not wp bloggers consider themselves bloggers and I said I’m a casual hobby blogger or something and they said:
        “You might be a casual hobby blogger, and a lot of your posts do have that fresh, even sort-of-stream-of-consciousness vibe, but they’re always, always interesting!
        This was mine so maybe I overreacted too! I know they meant to be nice but I still read it like “I love how you just word vomit out your posts and don’t even care!”
        I wonder if that’s true about David Byrne because that’s pretty cool. But yeah he must further tweak or they’d sound like nonsense right?

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