11.28.14 silver friday

Yep, yours truly is working today. But black Friday is usually a bit quiet at my shop. People tend to hit up the big box stores and not our little boutique-y neighborhood. In a minute I will commence the nine Xmas tree decoration kick.

First tho, my bangles. A cuff from Mexico, Claudia’s silver ID bracelet, my mom’s Route de Corse ID bracelet she gave me yesterday, my special little figuinha charm bracelet, and a silver bangle from Taxco. Some of these I will list in my online boutique soon- the Mexican cuff and bangle, as well as Claudia’s ID bracelet. So if you know a Claudia…here’s the link to my shop.

Also today I’m wearing my mom’s charm brooch from Bahia. Nice closeup of my boob, eh? But the charms! A tortuga, elephant, grapes, figa, other I don’t know whats. And the one non silver charm, a skate key?

Happy shopping, you guys.

11 thoughts on “11.28.14 silver friday

  1. I hate Black Friday!!! I wish people shopped the boutiques & local stores and stopped at the family owned pastry shoppe for their morning breakfast. Except there aren’t many stores where I live unless you count Allstate and H&R block. But still! We do have a pastry place though.
    I had to work last night from 530pm-2am & my very first customer complained the entire time I helped him about how stores should be closed, black Friday should be illegal, the situation is disgraceful but he was buying a television during his speech so I didn’t believe him.
    That is a excellent brooch! Love all the silver on the wrist too. Happy Shopping & hope you get some highfalutin’ big spending customers before your work day is finished.

    1. Thanks Susan! That’s a brutal shift you pulled, I hope you get paid time and a half or something to make it worth your while. I actually think Black Friday is going to be gone in a few years. All these shops being open over Thanksgiving makes Friday less important. We shall seem I guess.

      1. It flew by at least & it was better than the 2am-10am shift, I think…You’re onto something because I was told BF at this particular store was much less insane than the year before and we opened 2 hours earlier this year. Quite a few customers mentioned to me they weren’t ready to come in that early because they were still enjoying Thanksgiving but that since they were in at all they wouldn’t be out in the morning.

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