12.2.14 life questions

It’s raining in SF and I find myself in one of those days of profoundly undeep thoughts that I should probably keep to myself, but hey! This is my blog! And we’re all friends, so here goes some of my general life questions- if you have an answer to any, please let me know.

-I accidentally wore a shirt with a food splotch on the chest, will people realize that I put it on this way? Or will they assume the splotch occurred after I left the house? Can I do this same “trick” with those tights of mine with the pattern I like so much that now have a run in them?
-Somewhat related, isn’t it rather redundant to shower on a rainy day?
-Since I didn’t walk to work, how can I trick my UP into logging enough steps for me to hit my step goal? Or must I run on the treadmill two times today?
-Should I dip this feather bangle in blue enamel?

Insight, anyone?

Today’s bangles- the Angela Cummings bracelet from my dad to my mom that is now mine, my Jawbone UP I’m hoping to trick, feather bangle (better in blue? Yay or nay), my mom’s Route de Corse ID bracelet.

6 thoughts on “12.2.14 life questions

  1. Ugh this rain is ridiculous! If you have a commute like I do, you know that the traffic is horrendous. It’s just rain people!! The 280 was horrible today! šŸ˜¦

    1. Fotunately my commute is either a walk or a 10 minute ride from a nice volunteer. But my mom was on 280 this a.m. and said it was awful. I don’t envy your commute at all.

  2. As for the first question, just rock that stain like you put it there on purpose. To the second question, hell yeah it’s redundant, everybody smells like wet dog when it rains anyway.

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