Watch It, Buster


Gift ideas for:
*the Peaky Blinder
*the Kid At Heart
*the Matching Couple

In a world where we all use our cells to tell the time watches have become something less common, something decorative, and fashionable. Watches are more similar now to other pieces of jewelry, more a style statment and less function driven. Shoot, I can go most of a day not realizing my watch is upside down. Oops! But the cool watches still make great gifts. You can easily spend a fortune on a watch. However, you can also find some fun ones for very little.

Susan of the excellent photo fame (seriously, snow shots that are so gorgeous), turned me on to the Netflix series Peaky Blinders. It stars all my favorite Brits! And it’s set in the early 1900’s after some war or another. These dapper Irish gangsters sport the most lovely pocket watches.
pocket watch
This one offered by Ruby Lane is vintage, in excellent condition AND 18K gold, ideal for channeling an inner turn of the century mob yearning. I am a big fan of the pocket watch gift.

The polar opposite watch? Swatch Watch
Oh how I used to want one of these SOOOOO badly!
blue swatch
Swatch is still so great. Find me some jelly bracelets and a hyper color t-shirt and you have my 2nd grade wardrobe.

I don’t know exactly what “couples” watches are. My brother would love to outfit coordinate with his girlfriend at all times, if she would only allow it. I guess that’s why the category “couples watches” exists on the Swatch website.
white watch
This brother of mine is a contractor but also likes his white jeans and purple leather jacket. Our family has been compared to the Royal Tenenbaums, and he is definitely the Margot of the family. I think I might be the pet dalmatian, Spark Plug. So this watch may be up his alley. Not only can he twin with his g-fri but he can do it bling bling style. Or like a Miami drug dealer. Maybe my comparison is wrong, my brother is less like Margot Tenenbaum and more like a white Tony Montana who makes houses. Maybe? It’s been such a long day, and I am nearly delirious. I hope my brother doesn’t read this, he really won’t appreciate being compared to Scarface.

The daily disclaimer: I would be remiss if I didn’t offer the link to my online store… I write these posts for my love of jewelry and gift giving, there’s no sponsors here but ME for MYSELF 😀

9 thoughts on “Watch It, Buster

  1. I am famous now!!
    I want a Peaky Blinders-esq pocket watch for sure. Pocket watches are so cool, I love the idea of taking the watch out, a gorgeous piece of jewelry and telling the time. Now-a-days it’s like nobody has time for that but I think a pocket watch is pretty smooth so long as it’s not an absurd cheesy steam punk watch. Nice work!
    As for your brother the clothing description made me laugh because my friend Tyler wears white jeans and I LOVE making fun of him for it but honestly he’s pretty fashionable.

    1. The funny thing about pocket watches is that we kind of all are doing that with carrying around our cells to tell the time.

      Oh and for Peaky Blinder jewelry I spent a fruitless afternoon trying to find the black Madonna that Polly wears, tried to figure out what it is. No luck.

      1. I don’t think of a cell phone as a piece of jewelry with a function though, or a beautiful accessory though the phone you carry for some might reveal some status or style, not for me! plus I don’t use a cell phone! I’ll take a pocket watch though, I might as well get a monocle while I’m at it.

        Wow, I appreciate that, that would’ve been a cool find! That’s some serious commitment–but what the heck! Peaky Blinders needs to take the Mindy Project rode and reveal their sources, jeesh!

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