12.15.14 coloring

So today my mom was all “Enough with your seaweed hair!” And took me to get my hair done. It’s so lovely now, straight and clean. Wow! Who is this person? I asked my reflection. I last cut my hair maybe a year ago :/ I’m not the best at this whole adult-personal-maintenance deal.

All the pretty combs in a row.

Me and my fresh hair and a dog butt. Stinky stinky dog butt in my face. I feel so loved.

Today’s bracelets: Hermès Calèche red and green, my mom’s Route de Corse, my figa charm bracelet, and Claudia’s ID bracelet.

4 thoughts on “12.15.14 coloring

    1. I was wondering about your haircut, if you had a bob and sometimes also wore a hair piece or if it is entirely your hair, It’s such a versatile hairdo 🙂 i love that combo of short and long.

      1. It is entirely my hair! Three extreme blunt layers with minimal texturization! It’s really fun to style and beside the regular trims, it is relatively low maintenance!!! Thank you bb

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