12.16.14 all quiet on the Western front

The rain cloud bursts and business stops. STOPS. In case people have forgotten, today is Hanukkah and there’s only 8 shopping days until Christmas. Why then, when I am in retail, is there a moment of peace and quiet? And yet, it’s kind of nice…

The thing with retail and the holidays, for those who have never worked retail, is that a mania takes hold of your body and possesses you. I feel constantly wired/on during December. Completely manic. I wish I had thought to tally all the “hi there” that I say in a single working day. “Hi there, yes yes,” crazy lady laugh “you finding everything all right?” That’s me. I drink more during the holidays for no reason but to unravel at the end of the work day.

Bet you guys are wondering what’s going on with my uterus, aren’t you??? Oh, you’re not? Well nothing is going on. No hormones or anything right now for which I am super thankful. Can you imagine retail mania + hormone hysteria? What an awful combo. Going forward now I will be starting another round of IVF in January and we have a follow up appointment with the adoption agency. My vote is adoption, my honey’s is IVF. I’ll take whichever way gives us a potato sized human being. Large potato, I guess, or Butternut Squash sized.

Are any of you, my readers, adopted or have adopted a child? Any of you from mixed race families, as in parents are one race and kids are another? Do you have any insight about your experience you’d be comfortable sharing? I’d love to know so many things.

So today’s bangles are: a trio of rhinestone Goodwill bangles, and my Elsa Peretti X from my dad.

7 thoughts on “12.16.14 all quiet on the Western front

  1. Is that really an X bangle?? Whaaa… Pretty!

    I’ve never known anyone that is adopted, or that I know of, but I think you’ll be awesome no matter what. You’ll be the coolest hot mom to a potato butternut squash human.

    Or you and your honey can always adopt me? 🙂

      1. Yeah! You can share the room with the treadmill. Plus side of not being a desert, we don’t have any cockroaches. Just ants when it rains.

        So I just spelled desert as dessert and just barely caught my mistake. MMMMmm dessert. There’s probably ants there too.

      2. I can sleep on the treadmill! Haha. Anything! We have ants here in the desert too. Just the black ones. Not the crazy biting red ones. But I’m used to those too anyway.

        San Fran, my body is ready for you! And also dessert!

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