12.27.14 back from the dead

Oh! Hey there! It’s been a while, right? December kills me every year. Those last 14 days leading up to Christmas is solely work and sleep, that’s it. I still have this weird hangover. But now it’s over and I’m wearing cozy pants! And a big sweater and my honey is making some coffee. But I have some crazy shit to tell you all.

First, some background. I started buying bracelets by the pound from Goodwill for the purpose of selling some jewelry at my shop (ok, really because I love bangles, duh, but selling is an added perk.) These Goodwill bracelet grab bags are a crap shoot. In one lot there were two pieces of Sterling Taxco stamped jewelry. But that kind of thing is balanced by a bunch of junk stuff I throw out, then there’s the in between fun and inexpensive costume jewelry. Each time I open my grabbag I’m hoping for Bakelite. Bakelite, for those who don’t know is a vintage type of resin/plastic jewelry that was very mod and popular in the 60s. The black rhinestone one on my wrist in the pic above is probably Bakelite.

So when this 👆showed up I was stoked. I thought it might be Bakelite. But you know what? This is not Bakelite. Guess WTF this treasure is?!?

Fucking ivory.

Giant ass ivory bangle.

My picture makes my arm look deformed long, but you get the idea. This is a huge bangle that was part of my $20 for 10 lbs of bangles. Now the question is, what do I do with my new albatross? It’s gorgeous, it’s valuable, it’s impossible to sell and maybe even illegal for me to try. It represents the needless slaughter of one of my favorite animals (elephant). I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Today’s bangles include two XMas presents- the yellow enamel bangle was from one of my brothers, and the Hermès Colliers de Chien is from my honey. I cried when I opened it, I assumed with my dad’s death that was the end of the line for my Hermès bangle collection. But my honey! I love him. The rest of the bangles are Goodwill, black rhinestone square Bakelite, a red jeweled Indian bangle, black needlepoint bangle, Swarovski crystal bangle.

13 thoughts on “12.27.14 back from the dead

  1. So many colors & shapes, bangle madness! Ivory–whoa! I think you’re right it’s totally illegal…maybe you can donate it to some..where…I don’t know where. It’s an interesting piece of jewelry and art because it’s so beautiful but like you said it represents slaughter. What to do, what to do…Maybe keep it and treasure it yourself or is that not an option?
    Very sweet your husband gave you another Hermes=) He sounds like a freaking prince.

    1. He is 🙂 most of the time. Ha! Yeah ivory is definitely a strange find and goves me complicated ethical feelings. Part of me’s like “jackpot!” Then there’s the “really? What’s the big fuss about this, why would anyone even want it as jewelry?” And finally there’s “this represents murder”. I’ll probably just hold on to it. I wonder if Goodwill knew what they were selling.

      1. It is a jackpot find and it’s okay to feel that way! It’s not like you’re lost as to how it was acquired in the first place either, it’s a beautiful bracelet that came from a beautiful animal and you got it unknowingly at the Goodwill so it’s not at all as if you’re supporting ivory poaching or something. Don’t feel guilty because you didn’t do anything=)

  2. Christmas is always a killer when it comes to time and circumstances. Thankfully, I was able to plan ahead and make it all work on the blogging front, but that’s just me! My wife calls me a machine. LOL

    Anyway, I like the ivory. It really is a great piece. With the right outfit, it’ll look even more incredible.

    Love my ivory! Oops, I said that already! 😉

  3. What if: That particular ivory bangle came to you specifically because you consider elephants special creatures on this earth? Connections, soul connections are made in this way is my understanding. I say, if you still own it, use it as a meditation ‘touch stone’. Allow it to connect you to the spirits of elephants… I’m willing to believe some potent and amazing things may ensue!

    1. That’s a really nice thought. Elephants are so amazing, they grieve, they love, they express themselves artistically. I like the idea of channeling their spirits.

      I think I do need to keep it, there’s something special about finding the ivory bangle. It’s definitely a “be careful what you wish for” kind of reminder if nothing else.

      1. Want to see an amazing elephant video? (if you haven’t already!) Google ‘elephants dance to classical piano player’. It should be your first hit… and if it made me cry…you’ll feel it too…

  4. If humanity ever gets it’s true, just karmic comeuppance it’s going to be over elephants and whales. There’s a video going around about this elephant who was freed after 40 or 50 years of abusive servitude and as the activists cut off it’s chains the animal was crying…crying!…and caressing it’s rescuers gently with it’s trunk. Cool..Eerie. A little scary. We’re lucky they don’t have thumbs….that said, the antique ivory issue is a puzzler. I have a friend who has a beautiful scrimshaw inlaid jewelry box from the 1800s. It’s insured for an ungodly amount.

    I just did a search, and discovered this “… it is LEGAL TO OWN, SELL, BUY, or SHIP African elephant ivory within the boundaries of the U.S. and there are NO PERMITS or REGISTRATION requirements! *The majority of african elephant ivory is “old estate” ivory that was brought into this country since its’ inception.”

    “ASIAN ELEPHANT : Also on the C.I.T.E.S. Endangered species list and is ILLEGAL to buy, trade, sell, import or export anywhere internationally or INTERSTATE within the U.S.”

    Don’t know how to determine which is which, alas, if you did want to rid yourself of it. This is definitely worth a follow-up post once you decide to sell or keep it.

    1. Cool, thank you for the info. I had understood that the vintage-ness would make it ok to sell, but that’s another issue of provenance.

      I think I’m keeping the bangle because it is rather amazing. I even re-visited the same Goodwill where they have another lot of 100 bangles for $9.99. The pictures are closeups of almost all the jewelry but this one yellowy/off white-ish piece in the background. I think it’s another piece of ivory. Which makes me wonder if this Goodwill knows they are selling ivory and they’re trying to “get rid” of it in the lots since sold on it’s own would bring too much attention. So I bought the lot, now I’m waiting to see if my theory is correct.

      How’s that for hypocrisy? Less than a month with an ivory bangle and I went out to find another one :/ I might be a bad person.

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