1.5.15 easy does it

You know that first day back from vacation where your to do list is 12 main items long plus many small sub items? That’s where I’m at today. Bet you are too, right? I wrote butter, double underline, on the top of my list because we are so short of everything. Already crossed off are: post office, photo lab drop off, doggies to the vet, and email shrink to confirm today’s appointment. It is 10:43 a.m. I’m less than a quarter of the way thru my list, still no butter :/

What’s on your list? Tell me so I can feel better about mine… Or feel ‘butter’ about mine. Hahahhahha.

Today’s bracelets: two copper cuffs from Goodwill, silver XO’s by Elsa Peretti.

4 thoughts on “1.5.15 easy does it

  1. Oh, yeah! I hear you. My After the Holidays List is for the week and includes calling the mechanic and Comcast. I also have three no-fun appointments, one of which is with my dentist for a deep cleaning (ouch!). And the biggest chore on the list – start looking for a new car. (I’ve got the kitchen covered – did that last week.) Happy New Year!

  2. I’ve been meaning to go to the store for file folders and a better system for organizing all of my business receipts for the upcoming tax season. It’s been on my list for four days now and it’s still not done. UGH. Good luck with your butter, babe. ❤

    1. Ha ha! I literally just emptied a file folder of receipts from 3 years ago bc I need more file folders. Where do they go? How is it that I buy so many of them and there’s never enough?

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