You know what’s a great movie? Batman. Not the Dark Knight rises, that’s fine. Nor the Bane one, though Tom Hardy makes me swoon. I’m talking about the Batman, numero uno, from 1989. And you know what is better than this movie? The soundtrack. Prince + Batman = sex on audio cassette. Did you know it’s impossible to find the videos? Youtube copyright doesn’t allow Batdance. So I’m just linking you to this awesome song.

“Hey Jackie, let me stick this seven inch in your computer” kills me.

Bat Signal found at comejew on Etsy

“This town needs an enema!” sez the Joker.

Gotham City bracelet by nOir for DC Comics

“Stop the press, who’s that?”

nOir for DC Comics two finger ring

Yes, I am listening to this song on loop as I would the entire cassette if that were still an option. Why do you ask? My signoff for now is this: keep bustin’ (please don’t sue me for copyright infringement, Prince!!)

13 thoughts on “Batdance

  1. I posted an awards post where your post is featured, my dear long lost ‘daughter’ just wanted you to know… Smiles and you can pick up an award, if you wish!

  2. Dark Knight Rises is the Bane one ya silly billy. While we’re on it can I say that I hated that title? Yes it is simple and straightforward but I’m sick of movies Rising and being a Legacy and whatever other words they like to stick on the end of the titles now-a-days. You know?

    I love the original Batman & the sequel. I would so wear one of those necklaces(if they’re nickel free that is). I have a Batman t-shirt with the old logo from the ’89 movie, it’s so cool. I’ve always remembered the Coca Cola commercial that use to play on the VHS before the movie in which Alfred drinks a Coke-do you remember? I could watch that movie right now.

    I found it! Okay so it’s Diet Coke I guess I don’t remember it as well as I thought

    I like this post…maybe someday you’ll happen across some Thor Marvel/Norse jewelry and share here hmmm?

    1. Ha! You are looking for some Thor Hemsworth fan jewelry, aren’t you?? I’ll see what I can dig up. I am such a dumdum about all the comic book movies. I’ve seen them all, and enjoyed most of them, but they kind of blur altogether. And the whole Avengers bit made it even worse. *sigh* my life is so hard!

      Yes! We had the Batman VHS and the soundtrack. I totally remember the Alfred coke commercial.

  3. Oh man, that ring. I think I might just want this one more than the little rhino one you posted a while ago. Also, the fact that the Batman necklace is available in rose gold makes me very, very happy!

    1. I love rose gold… but this isn’t the real deal. I think it’s all of $17 but it definitely looks right in the photo, doesn’t it? Also, nothing is better than that rhino ring! I still plan to try and make a knockoff of it, it is sooo cool.

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