1.9.15 ugh

Today I made a huge mistake. I posted an opinion about current events on facebook. Such a rookie move, right? So of course it spiraled into this whole thing where suddenly my nutso militant Israeli high school swim coach is fighting my dad’s college roommate’s wife about politics. I hate this kind of thing.

Usually my facebook updates are stuff like “It probably would cost the same amount to buy jelly sandwich ingredients as it did to buy this jelly sandwich but I figure this kind of thing is best left to the pros.” But anybody caring to participate in that dialog? Nope. Now my stomach is turning at the thought of looking at facebook 🙀 internet bickering is the worst.

Today’s bangles: Gem charm bracelet of my Grandmother’s from Brazil, my lucky figa charm bracelet, and another of my Grandmother’s- English four pence coins attached as a bracelet.

7 thoughts on “1.9.15 ugh

  1. Facebook. Can’t live with it, could live without it but use the thing all the time. Opinions on Facebook are a recipe for disaster! Everyone’s got one.

  2. Facebook is the worst for political ignorance. I actually deleted my Facebook last year and now have a new one with less than 100 friends for this very reason. Lol. Beautiful bangles as always though, dear! XOXO

  3. Oh dear! I usually go back and retract things, when I upset some apple carts… I did this twice, once about Pearl Harbor and another time with another political subject. Careful dear and hope for you to have a better day tomorrow!
    The jade and amethyst pieces on your bracelet are beautiful and I like the coins one, too! smiles

    1. Thanks for saying that. I hate conflict. In these days of the internet it seems like the art of saying “I understand your perspective but I politely disagree” are gone. People come out full force and it gets ugly so quick.

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