1.10.15 worldly wise

Where to start today? Blogging always feels like a diary entry, doesn’t it? And all you snoops keep reading my super private thoughts!

Thanks to my favorite jeweler, Isabella Hutten who mended the assortment of bracelets my mom gave me recently (mostly pieces of my Grandmother’s) I am wearing day 2 of charm bracelets.The figuinhas for luck and the big guy that is actually my mom’s from when she was a girl.

My mom was raised in a military family but her mom was Brazilian (thus me being Brazilian and all- my mom was living with her Auntie and Uncle when my parents married and birthed yours truly)… So her early life she lived everywhere and saw much of the world. This bracelet is made up of all those places. Panama, Alaska, Brazil, Virginia, Maine, Italy, France. New York State which has an accent over the e in New for some inexplicable reason.

Anyway, my honey, too, was raised in a military family. I asked him over dinner last night if he ever thought of the fact that any kids we may have and I would share a very similar childhood, while his was so very different. I realized that this was something that connects my mom and him, tho his family was Air Force and my mom’s was Army. Both are so strange and alien to me. Back to my question though, his answer was yes, he had thought about it. That was just about the full extent of his reply.

So here’s the point: you know how they say women marry men who are like their fathers? Well, I think I married my mom.

11 thoughts on “1.10.15 worldly wise

  1. I have two old charm bracelets, I hardly ever wear them, this post made me think I need to get them back out of their boxes! (I have been a few far away places but yours really is a remarkable example of travel!

    1. I love the charm bracelet stories! I always ask people about them when I see someone wearing one. Yeah! Dig it out. The best thing about having jewelry is wearing it πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful bracelets! A bracelet with charms from all over the world…that is an amazing thing to own and inherit. Know what I would love? A stomach filled with food from all over the world…although I’m not so sure how I feel about inheriting that!

    1. Haha, you are too funny, Cee. That would indeed be an awful thing to inherit. Something out of a Dexter episode.

      So did you ever start rewatching TWD? I watched the whole first season then took a little break. Now I’m watching Marco Polo on Netflix.

      1. I’m in the same boat! I finished all of TWD’s first season, but took a break. Is Marco Polo any good? I’ve been uh ….watching Goosebumps on Netflix (don’t laugh, childhood memories) and have recently started to rewatch Friends now that it’s on Netflix, too.

      2. It’s a little confusing so far. I hate being in TV limbo! I’m sort of watching a handful of shows but nothing is really grabbing me. I used to like the RL Stine Fear Street books though so maybe I’ll give Goosebumps a shot 😦

    1. Thanks, Jack. It’s really only in recent years that I’ve come to understand what different childhoods that my parents had. It always blows my mind to think by this age that I am now my parents already had 4 kids. So they started telling their life stories to us during still formative years for themselves. Which to kids it was so abstract.

      Woh rereading my comment I think maybe I had too much wine tonight πŸ™‚

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