Boobs On The Brain

Don’t think I didn’t notice that you all clicked on my other boobs post. What, were you too shy to comment? Don’t you worry though, because I’ve got boobs on the brain. Probably because I’m trying to buy a new bra. Trying being the operative word here.

You lady readers know what I’m talking about. You fellas? Well, trying to buy a new bra is similar to buying new socks in levels of tediousness. That is, if socks cost $72, each one fit differently, sizing was inconsistent, and sometimes, even after you think you’ve found the ideal comfortable sock, even then it doesn’t work under a t-shirt. Now, I don’t know what you are doing putting your t-shirts over your socks. That’s your business.

But so, I’ve now purchased (and returned) six bras in an effort to find one god damn bra. It doesn’t help matters that I’m currently injecting my body full of hormones. As anybody transitioning to female (or my fellow IVFers) can attest these hormones throw your top dimensions all out of whack. The situation has gotten to the point where my MOM commented on my boobs. I think that right there should remain exclusively an initial rite of womanhood, not to be repeated when 35. It usually happens when you are in your tweens/teens. Your mom or grandma or Auntie or mom’s best friend takes you aside and says “You need a good bra.”

“Welcome to womanhood, first lesson: everyone is now entitled to express their opinions about your body. Second lesson: you need a good bra.”

So far this is the only bra that I’ve found and liked:
Totally A Bra
What? You got something to say about my shopping technique? But you won’t, will you? Because this post is about boobs and bras, and everybody looks at these posts but few are comfortable commenting.

6 thoughts on “Boobs On The Brain

  1. I love the down to earth style of your writing. You have a strong and humorous style and ‘voice’ shown in your writing. As far as bras go, I wish I had bigger boobs, did have nice sized during pregnancy and nursing months… but now, instead of ‘coconuts’ i have ‘kiwis.’ My friend, Jenny, says at least mine won’t sink nor point downwards like the old Playboy jokes and comics depict… smiles!

  2. Oh, you shall be in my prayers, the two of you and hope the injections work or ‘take.’ I know you would be excellent parents and you show your character, it shines through your words!!

    1. Thank you for that. This is attempt #3, the final try this way. I actually don’t have much hope for the IVF, but we also had our 2nd meeting with an adoption agency and my heart is set on that being a success. We’ll get one of those baby things one way or another!

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