Buffy Thoughts 1.21.15

If you’ve been following my blog for more than a month you probably already know two things about me.
1. I love to write about The Walking Dead and 2. I like to list all the times I’ve written about TWD.
BOOM. Here I answered Dora & Cee’s TWD questionnaire
Here I found TWD jewelry for Dora
Here is about the Talking Dead
Here is the lame fan merch sold on AMC
And finally here, the Sex Ed Fail blog that started it all.
But what you all don’t know? Before TWD, there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And you know what? It’s still just as good as back in college when I eagerly anticipated each Tuesday night’s new episode. I love it. And I’m rewatching it right now.
Grr Argh
Which leads me to my deep Buffy question of the hour.

What’s the Buffy team’s deal with the name William and its derivatives anyways? They’ve got 1. Spike AKA William the Bloody NÉE William Pratt 2. Angel NÉE Liam (Irish for William) 3. Willow AKA Will 4. Willy the Snitch and in the comics there’s 5. Billy the Boy Slayer. Does anybody know? Because that is a lot of Will-ish names for one show.

Today’s bangles: silver bangle from my dad from 1993, silver bangle my dad gave my mom before then, Goodwill glass beads, Oneida spoon cuff, HiHo Silver knot cuff, 2 Swarovski crystal bangles.

Before anybody says anything: Yes “five by five” is a Faithism but my other Buffy needlepoint (beep me if there’s an apocalypse) didn’t turn out well.

25 thoughts on “Buffy Thoughts 1.21.15

  1. I was also re-watching the Buffy series! But had to stop because there’s just too much 90’s I can take. Haha. But I’ve never noticed the Will-ism’s before. I’m going to look into this and report back to you.

    1. Report back stat! The chunky heels, strappy tops, and pants with oddly flared legs is awful. The worst part is a remember watching it and thinking what great outfits Buffy had. Doh!

      1. The millions of tiny clips! Yes!! That I could never do because I have too much hair. But the random tiny braids and the attempt at a zig zag part? I tried, oh lord how I tried.

      2. I have tried the zig zag parting too! I think it was the early 2000’s and I was obsessed on this Irish band called B*Witched and they do the whole zig zag parting. Haha

      3. I don’t know enough people who know the “band” B*Witched to convince me that it was not just a fever dream. But they know all about the zig zag parting. And those jeans that have flames in the pant leg! Man, the early 2000’s was bleak!

  2. UHHHH so holy crap, I was also rewatching Buffy. Not from the beginning, but from one of my favorite episodes “Hush” in season 4. I watched a few episodes but then got distracted by Friends on Netflix.

    I think all 3 of us are destined to watch the same shows.

      1. Riley? Nope, nope, nope. I’m definitely a Spike girl. Flop back to Spike mooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm. I’m saying that in my most whiniest voice EVER.

  3. Reaching out on a limb here, but Whedon is a HUGE Shakespeare fan, so that may explain it. I look forward to your Buffy posts, one of the best shows ever!

    1. Great insight, that makes so much sense. It’s interesting to pay attention to the classroom lectures that occur around Buffy. There’s Othello, dissection of the id, the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I think they are all ways of explaining the various characters’ motivations.

      1. Definitely. One thing that always stuck out with me was the episode that suggested Buffy was really suffering from schizophrenia. We rewatched the series and noticed a lot that really supports that notion. I know Whedon said he didn’t set it up that way, but it’s interesting for sure.

    1. Somebody in my comments had a good insight- Joss Whedon (the guy behind Buffy in case you don’t know) is a big Shakespeare fan. So maybe it’s in homage to William Shakespeare? But even so, that many is really a lot.

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