Everybody’s a (terrible) Comedian

For some reason going to my IVF appointments brings out my inner comedian. I suppose “for some reason” actually should read “because humor is my defense mechanism” but so at today’s appointment I was killing it.
fertility frog
First there was the blood draw where I asked the nurse if I should remove my clothes. Then I added “I know not all my clothes, I learned that the hard way.” You see because they just need you to take off your jacket and I was implying I had fully disrobed at some previous blood draw.
Venus of Willendorf charm
Then during the follicle count process (which is the MOST awkward moment in the exam) I checked with the doctor if I could still go running. Then I asked if I could still be drinking wine. And then (ready those snare drums) I asked if it was okay to do both at the same time.
rabbit charm
Needless to say at NO point was anyone but myself amused. Such a bummer. That’s why I feel obliged to share with you all, my more or less captive audience, and the Pirate King. Because I thought that was some quality A grade humor. And I have 4 follicles. Which is 3 more than the “you are fired from IVF” round so that’s not awful news.

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22 thoughts on “Everybody’s a (terrible) Comedian

  1. I know the Pirate King is sitting back with his bottle of rum just losing his shit over the hilarity of this post, don’t worry! To say it plainly(because I like to say things plainly because I’m trying to become old-timey British) what you’re going through sucks and is so hard, I won’t pretend to get it as I’ve never experienced it but your comments during your appointment ARE hilarious so you must secretly be their favorite patient otherwise they’re weird.

    1. I keep waiting for the Pirate King to comment again, but nothing yet!

      And thank you for telling me I’m funny. That’s the entire reason I recounted my hi-larious jokes, so I could get the pats on the back that I deserve πŸ™‚

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