Once More With Feeling

You guys? I made a mistake. I did not do Buffy a proper justice in yesterday’s post. I’m regretting my actions! Because I was so busy bragging about my relationship with The Walking Dead I completely neglected my most favorite show even though the post was intended to be all about Buffy. As the Beach Boys say, it wouldn’t be right to leave your best girl home on a Saturday night. Which has something to do with something.
Slayer Necklace
Maybe I’m a little embarrassed as to the extent of my fan-ishness? It encompasses all the comics as well as following Sarah Michelle Gellar on twitter. Who is super funny. I feel like a creeper admitting this. I read Buffy fanfiction. That is officially my deepest darkest secret. DON’T JUDGE ME!

Saint Laurent Sterling-Silver Necklace

I even have a Buffy fanfiction plot idea which is TOP SECRET but Cee and Dora will be glad to know it’s Spike based.
Gem of Amara
I suppose there are further depths to fall in the Buffy abyss. I could go to a panel or something. Or tattoo “what the what” across my forehead. Fortunately my life is not quite at that point. Yet. But I am on the BTVS call list at my local comic book store Comix Experience which is in and of itself mortifying.

So today’s Buffy question is circa season 4: When Spike (spoiler) escapes the Initiative, he already has the chip, how is he able to punch the various scientists and soldiers during the escape? Not even two minutes later in the episode he attacks Willow and clutches at his head in pain. What the what.

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8 thoughts on “Once More With Feeling

  1. I remember watching the movie, but I have yet to watch even one episode of the TV show. I’m certainly gearing up for another marathon of sorts once I’ve completed consuming my zombie “to-watch” list!

  2. Hold up, I am composing myself after reading that you read Buffy fanfiction. No seriously it’s okay, I shall not judge! I read the first few comics and didn’t continue but not for any specific reason I just kept saying I’d get the next one and didn’t. I will catch up sometime, the more Buffy the better! The ones I have are compiled into a book so I think I can just keep buying the books to get a lot of issues in one. I can’t recall if you’ve ever written about this but do you read TWD comics?

    PS. I follow Sarah Michelle Gellar too and I’m a way weirder fan about some things than I try to reveal via wordpress but it also seeps out anyway. creeps unite!

    1. Yeah! I just learned on Monday those compilation books are called “omnibus” comics. I think I’m using the word right :/ my comic book store guy might roll his eyes at what I’m saying here. Anyway, I do the same thing. I like the big books.

  3. I need that vampire slayer necklace. I need it!

    I didn’t read the comics (OR FAN FICTION OMG MOM!), but I remember back when I was in elementary school, I wrote fan mail to Sarah Michelle Gellar asking if she could send me a signed postcard or something. I chickened out and never sent it.

    1. Oh man! I would have probably chickened out too, if I had thought of doing that. The most I do is favorite her tweets. Oh hay, maybe you should tweet at her asking for a postcard!

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