Water 1.22.15

Our tap water used to be great. Now it tastes like swimming pool.

Today’s bangles: rhinestones bangle trio, hermès blue les ponts, balcons de guadalquivir, my mom’s Route de Corse ID bracelet, cameo cuff I listed for sale on Chairish.com


13 thoughts on “Water 1.22.15

    1. A MILLION!!! MWA HA HA HA. For real though, a lot. But the Goodwill ones I just wear a few times then I put them for sale in my shop. The ones that were given to me are the ones I keep and treasure.

      1. That’s awesome. Good to know that there is someone like me who collects something 😀

  1. I use to LOVE hose water which is nasty as hell now that I say it. I found out it’s one of the most dangerous waters to drink(that sentence sounds so goddamn dumb) because hose water isn’t regulated at all for drinking…I drank a lot of hose water as a child.

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